New Credit child resists forced chemotherapy treatment

NEW CREDIT – Makayla Sault, daughter of Pastors Ken and Sonya Sault has taken a very brave and bold move to assert herself. The 11 year old, who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukaemia in January, has asked her parents to stop chemotherapy treatments and instead give her Ongwehowe Onǫhgwatri:yo: (traditional medicines).

They have done so, and now McMaster Children’s Hospital says that they have a fiduciary responsibility to report the Sault’s to the Children’s Aid Society for keeping Makayla out of chemotherapy. Additionally, despite hours of consultations with various physicians, and indigenous officials, McMaster Children’s Hospital is pursuing a judicial process with the Consent and Capacity Board, a provincial body, to determine if Makayla or her family are of sound mind.

If the Consent and Capacity Board deems that Makayla and her parents are not of sound mind to make this decision, all involved are concerned that the Children’s Aid Society will move to apprehend Makayla from the New Credit First Nation and force her into chemotherapy, thereby derailing the Ongwehowe Onohgwatri:yo: process she is on.

That decision also would violate Articles 10 & 24 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples; that indigenous people cannot be forcibly removed from their lands without free and prior consent, and the right to use traditional medicines and health care practices without discrimination.

Makayla was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) but also tested positive for the Philladelphia chromosome. This particular combination makes an aggressive form of leukaemia which, from a pharmaceutical perspective, requires two years of aggressive chemotherapy treatment with a survival rate of 75%.

However during the 11 weeks of chemotherapy that Makayla did complete, which brought the ALL into remission, the child endured acute side effects, including constant nausea, weakness, muscle wasting and a ten pound weight loss.

Pharmacists prescribed the child a variety of anti-nauseants, including medical marijuana to try and help control the vomiting, but there was no relief, leaving many in her team struggling to find a solution to alleviate Makayla’s severe side effects. “They kept saying that she is our mystery child,” said Makayla’s father Ken Sault, a well known Pastor of the New Credit Fellowship Centre.

“Coming to the last weeks of her treatment alarms started to go off inside of me” said her mother, Sonya. “It was that maternal instinct that told me that we’re not doing the right thing with her. She was so weak that when you went to go and talk to her you would have to get right down just to be able to hear what she is saying.” Sonya said. “I remember Makayla said to me, ‘Mom I can’t take this anymore. I want you to get me out of here. I don’t want to go this way no more’.”

The Saults’ were allowed to take Makayala home for a break from chemo. That is when the child spoke up and asked her parents for help. Her mother explained, “Makayla said to me, do you have the power to get me out of there? If you have the power to take me out of there I want you to take me out of there. I’m telling you mom it’s not right. The way that we are going it’s going to kill me.”

In the meantime, the child had a spiritual encounter where she says Jesus appeared and told her that she was healed. This encounter has been revered by the traditional healers and members of the New Credit First Nation, but the medical team told the family that in light of her spiritual encounter, she needed a psychiatric evaluation.

Taking all of this information, and Makayla’s specific request to stop chemo and instead use Onǫhgwatri:yo:, the family came together of one mind and is now treating the child via a traditional healer on Six Nations.

Hamilton Health Sciences has a number of Aboriginal Patient Navigators on staff to help medical officials and indigenous patients communicate effectively. However despite the hospital being next to Six Nations, which is the largest Indian Reserve in Canada, they do not have a current protocol in place for children whose families opt for Ongwehowe Onohgwatri:yo: instead of pharmaceutical therapy.

Because the hospital has no current protocol for indigenous families pursuing traditional medication in lieu of pharmaceutical treatment for children, staff feel that their hands are tied and that they need to bring this matter to a higher level of consultation with the Children’s Aid Society and the Consent and Capacity Board.

The Sault’s said that in a previous meeting one of the members of the team assigned to Makayla’s case told them that if they did not proceed with the two year protocol of chemotherapy for Makayla that Children’s Aid would become involved and that all three of the family’s children would be apprehended.

Apprehending children for preventing them access to chemotherapy is not a situation unheard of in Ontario. In 2008 an 11 year old Hamilton boy was temporarily apprehended by the CAS during a routine visit to McMaster and his parents were handcuffed and escorted out of the hospital by security after they refused to continue chemotherapy at the boy’s request.

The Saults say they are not refusing treatment, only one form of treatment via chemotherapy.

The family has put together a number of meetings with the staff of McMaster including the lead physician overseeing Makayla’s chemotherapy. McMaster proposed a compromise to combine chemo and Ongwehowe Onohgwatri:yo:, however the family declined stating that the chemo makes the child too sick to keep down the medicines traditional healers would be administering.

As for Makayla, the traditional medicines have helped her put the weight back on that she lost while in treatment. She isn’t vomitting anymore and she will be entering the track and field meet at her school in the coming weeks.

The CCB hearing date is not set at this time.

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  1. This young lady is probably going to die because the adults around her prefer faith, to evidence based medicine. If you truly all believe that every real doctor in the world only wants money rather than to heal their patients using the best treatments the scientific method can offer then I pity your levels of cynicism and your lack of trust in your fellow human beings.

    Thirty years ago the word “cancer” was a death sentence for most, now advances in medicine have made it routinely treatable and often fully curable. This hasn’t come about because people prayed more (statistically the rates of religious belief are going down globally) but because clever people undertook research into the best methods of treating the condition.

    A hundred and thirty years ago most people hadn’t heard of cancer because they didn’t live long enough to get to the stages in life where you are more likely to suffer from it.

    Statistically the rates of child mortality have gone down and the average life expectancy has gone up in line with the rise of modern medicine and the scientific advances that improved our food supplies. The evidence is there and faith in “traditional” medicine demonstrates faith in the methods that used to get us killed rather than faith in the methods that helped us all live longer.

    The hospital is trying to do their best to save the life of a minor who has been encouraged to follow delusions by adults who are supposed to have her best interests at heart. These adults think that the side effects of the chemotherapy are so bad that they are worth letting a child die to avoid them. That is what they are doing. They’re touting weight gain as if that shows the faith based healing is working without ever once paying attention to the fact that she is probably dying. It’s just that they can’t see it yet.

    When she dies it’s not going to knock peoples belief in faith based healing and they’re going to continue shouting the benefits from the roof tops. But the fact of the matter is that everyone who hasn’t taken the time to understand why the scientific method works and yet still talked about it in the public sphere is going to be partly responsible for her death.

    The alternative to real medicine is not “alternate medicine”: it’s no medicine. Alternative medicine that works is known simply as “medicine”.

  2. Keeping it simple, the basic question is what causes leukemia, and how can we get rid of it. If you ask a doc “What causes leukemia?” I’m sure he would say, if he were honest, we don’t know. Well, a lot of experts think they do know. See, for starters, 1) How Vitamin D Reduces Incidence of Cancer: DINOMIT Model and 2) Vitamin A On Trial: Does Vitamin A Cause Osteoporosis? , in the section titled: Vitamin A is Still a Vitamin, from which I quote “Some of the positive actions of vitamin D only occur in the presence of vitamin A. For example, the active hormone form of vitamin A, retinoic acid, is currently used to induce the differentiation of leukemia cells, which makes them become non-cancerous. Recent research shows that the active hormone form of vitamin D, calcitriol, increases the effect of
    vitamin A when the two are administered together, but has no positive
    effect in and of itself, making vitamin A necessary for vitamin D’s
    cancer-inhibiting effect in this case.50”. So it seems vitamins D and A are a place to start to cure leukemia.

  3. Being an independent investigative researcher into this fraudulent global monopoly of cancer and diseases for profits over the last 14 years, myself losing my parents and two brother-in-laws to toxic poisonous treatments not of the cancer or the disease itself, the $1 trillion dollar annual almighty profiteers of disease is manufactured purposely by the pharmaceutical/biotech, oil cartels, food industry and chemical industry’s. They have literally created and legalized mass murder by poisoning people to death with chemotherapy, radiation and unnecessary surgeries which leads to infections and iatrogenic deaths, death induced by medical physician. Not only has cancer and all other manufactured diseases been effectively reversible with all natural alternative therapies, we’ve had numerous effective natural cures like pure cannabis oil for over 150 years brutally suppressed by the FDA, AMA, ACA, Health Canada and all others directly tied to this most corrupted practice of endless profits. Since 1909 when multi billionaire, trillionaire globalist banker David Rockefeller first opened and started the modern medical industry through large grants to universities in Montreal and later to the US states, he forced all traditional and natural healing methods to be banned and suppressed by force in favor of oil based, waste product, toxic chemical concoctions created by a team of scientists he would employ to create chemical drug’s and therapies that have grown worldwide into todays largest industry of death for almighty profits. He understood that treating and managing the the symptoms was much more profitable then curing diseases. Numerous brilliant scientists and natural healers that had effective successes over the years curing cancer and all other diseases were labelled as “Quacks” and discredited, destroyed or killed for reaching the misinformed masses. Read online pdf: Rockefeller medicine men : medicine and capitalism in America. Learn the truth about modern medicine. Disease is a Bu$ine$$, always has been. Creator of fb page: Modern Medical Quackery

  4. Chemo is poison. I am a white person and I respect Makayla’s right to make her own decision. God’s Devine intervention is enough. If He told her she is healed, then it is time for the doctor’s and government to step away from this, and allow this precious little girl to receive by faith the healing that has been granted her by the Creator. After all, he made each of us, is it such a big deal for Him to heal our sick bodies? Makayla I support your decision 110 %.

  5. As a nurse who worked with First Nations Communities for 22 years I believe strongly in traditional medicine. This child has every right to stay with her family and band. The Inuit and First Nations elders have more knowledge than any modern medicine can provide. Good luck little one you are brave and respected for your courageous decision. You are in my heart and thougts

  6. Wow! My heart goes out to this little girl and her family. She has the right to choose what health care she wants. Chemotherapy only destroys cells, including HEALTHY cells. Traditional natural medicine nourishes and heals the body. And the only people who truly have her best interest in mind our her family and friends. The government needs to but out and stop trying to make money with pharmaceuticals. There are other better way then always turning to drugs! Makayala and her family have my full support! Wishing them all the best on this difficult journey.

  7. Health care is personal, and should be respected. It is infuriating to see the unwelcome force of our government, all in the name of health care. Where is the freedom of choice?

    God bless this family and all those that are suffering through intolerable acts of control.

    May freedom reign.

  8. and with the strength of the buffalo, the wind gods will carry her cancer away haha

  9. I strongly believe we have inherited things of / on this Land. The use if natural medicine is what we as Native people know and what we survived on , if it wasn’t for the plants and herbal medicines of our grandfathers and grandmothers How would our people survive?. Science is just an arguement but faith in our creator is reality to hope. Praying for strength and continued promises for you and family..God bless !!

  10. The government is scared of native people, We have cured many diseases, sicknesses, and cancers with natural medicines that are grown from mother earth. If everyone knew about it they would be coming to us for once not the government and they will lose lot and lots of money. The government will kill and stop anyone that’s in there way of making money, that’s reality and its soo sad it has to happen to a young girl and plenty other patients that have passes on because of the greediness of the government even thou there able to print out dollars anytime they want to.. The Government wants every single native gone so they can have all of Canada to them self’s.. we have to keep strong and keep posting our opinions and the truths about us. Prayers to the Sault family <3

    1. I agree with you 100% Mariah. They profit from mass murder from the ignorance of the masses. If more people knew the truths about natural cures, the medical system would collapse overnight. It is already crashing, many are awakening to alternative healing. Many thanks to the native Indian people, you are the true healers of this greedy world.

  11. Free and democratic society unless the pharmaceutical companies aren’t making money! There are many natural ways to cure disease however they don’t line the pockets of the of the doctors, pharmaceutical companies and government. This is the real issue here. If this child is cured naturally it will undermine all the crap they have fed us over the years.
    This has nothing to do with Makayla at all. Good luck young girl. The government needs to let you choose.

    1. It’s good to see this issue making headlines. many more people will awaken to the endless lies and deceptions about modern medicine. Modern medicine is a dismal failure, many are transitioning to all natural healing. The new age of healing is upon us.

    1. This is not residential school at all. I am white, have a son with cancer and had the exact same issue. The problem lies with the medical model. It believes that it knows better than the parent and has the right to take the power away from the parent unless you go to court and prove that you are making an EDUCATED decision. I feel like it’s put in place to make sure some people aren’t just making the decision without something else to equally replace it. BUT, I do feel we have the right as parents to choose how we want to treat our children. The Canadian medical model just doesn’t understand any other treatment – we aren’t as open to it as other countries. CAS is just the middle man. Stepping in on behalf of the hospital. Believe me, it has nothing to do with being native. I know many other families of different races who faced the same issue.

      1. Then you sarah know nothing of residential schools and the steps and challenges faced that still to this day have a long lasting effect on our people including the youth of today.
        This situation is absolutely no different. The government trying to step in and act as if they know what’s best because a pharmaceutical company they support has the right answers and our people have the wrong ones. How is this any different? It’s not. It’s actually quite clear and very simple.
        It may not be solely because they’re native, but the act is the same upon these people as it was upon our people as a whole years ago.
        Education is a beautiful thing. And if your family and friends never had to endure the residential schools then blessed be, however those of us that did have know the truths and this permeates loud and clear with an eerie ring of similarity.

        1. Thank you for allowing me to see your point of view. I truly understand where you are coming from – but isn’t pretty much everything we do being dictated to us by the government in some way or another? The food we eat, the streets we drive on, the school system, the medical system, the stores we shop in, the television programming… we are controlled . It’s absolutely awful what happened with the residential schools – it makes me sick. But we are all in this boat together. We are all (every race) being controlled. There were awful things done to the Japanese too when they arrived to Canada back in the day. Perhaps what bothers me is the comparison between the two… nothing today could be as horrifying as what happened with the residential schools.
          None of us like being controlled – especially by our ridiculous government. No matter what the instance it is still demeaning, scarring, and horrible…especially in this case where your child has cancer and deserves what the parent sees fit based on their values and rights.

  12. I am a white person and I agree with the family the government needs to BACK OFF and let her do it her way …… I will be praying for you

  13. The Goverment needs to butt out of people’s lives! It’s a personal choice and should be made by parents, the Government has it’s hands in too many pots, parents are there for a reason!!!

  14. Good luck Makayla, I hope you are able to travel the road that you choose not one that is forced on you as deemed “best” for you. I just finished reading “My Sisters Keeper” and although the circumstances are a bit different the voice of the patient, reads loud and clear…someone listen to the person attached to the medical file. Sending all my best thoughts up in smoke.

  15. I feel like I need to comment. I just prayed for this Family. I know them. God is bigger than any situation that we face and I believe that God is okay with the rout they are taking and No. CAS has not right to be involved. There is no evolution in Christianity. Jesus has the power to heal. I Bind this attack on them in the Name of Jesus. And not only that but the doctors need not to be selfish. It’s not what they want, it’s what the parents want and what their daughter wants. Medicine doesn’t always do it’s work. I just say that God is bigger, and better and it’s His call, not the doctor, and not CAS and so, I’m praying for them.

  16. Even if death is the final result…can’t doctors understand that quality of life is sometimes better than the side effects. Christ is our healer, and despite the results on this side, her body will be made new. What on earth gives CAS any authority in a matter like this…ridiculous.

  17. In my personal opinion, the CAS, and Its CEO need to show A DELEGATION OF AUTHORITY, an ORDER/MANDATE granted by one of the Six Nations (whichever sovereign nation) to act for or about our children.

    If the CEO and “WORKERS” can not provide a VALID, bona fide Proof of delegated Authority, then they are personally liable for their actions.

    HM King Benjamin II CAS is a corporation that deals in CONTRACTS…. IF there is NO CONTRACT, why would there be obligations.


  18. This already happens in the UK – I had no choice but to force my son down the chemo route. There is another way – cannabis oil.

    I ‘know’ it works!

    Please don’t let them poison her x

  19. This has been happening for many years. A friend’s daughter in Ontario was being treated with chemo and was in the same condition, so very sick and pleading with her parents to discontinue chemo. Drs. refused to stop and said the child would be apprehended, so her Mum and Dad took her out to an undisclosed location in B.C. The child thrived on some natural treatments for more than two years. They moved back to Ontario and the child was apprehended placed on chemotherapy although she appeared healthy and doing well. But Doctors basically killed her with chemo. She was dead within a few months.

    1. The insanity of this kind of authority. God help these poor children.

    2. There it is, forcefully treating people and children against their will with their toxic poisons until it destroys their healthy cells, organs and causes severe cardiac arrest and kills them, then they get away with murder and their fabricated lies and say it was the cancer that killed them. MURDERERS! May almighty God grant us all swift justice.

  20. This kind of thing is happening in the US too. Very scary and a horrendous assult on individual liberties.

  21. I feel compelled to recommend the family reading The Billy Best Story. “The Billy Best Story is the true account of a young man who, in 1994, became a media sensation at the age of 16 when he ran away from home to escape chemotherapy”. Very encouraging success story!

    1. Yes I have heard of this most inspiring story. He was smart and brave enough to know the chemo was killing him and escaped it to survive. The Modern Medical Quackery industry never talks about the numerous success stories of people that have been cured do they? They like to create feel good stories of naive volunteers who get showered with gifts and blog’s and fashions to promote their murderous agendas on the ignorant. Raking in billions in annual donations and sales from products, promoting their endless lies to the ignorant. Run for the cure, bike for the cure…what a global $CAM! The psychopaths running this global hoax are the same people that keep crying Holocaust. This is the real modern day Holocaust. The skyrocketing numbers of people being killed by modern medicine is staggering. Google and read:

      Death by Medicine By Gary Null, PhD; Carolyn Dean … –

  22. My heart goes out to the parents and the Six Nations communitee. What is happening here is immoral and is comparable to treating slaves. Let it be known that this behaviour from the hospital and the CAS is a dangerous trend which affects us all (the people). We need to stick together on this and resist the state from exercising our free will.

  23. I’m gonna say this once. Phoenix Tears is the best available treatment out there. It’s been proven.

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