Family who have gardens

Dear Kitty,
I have lots of family who have gardens, so I kind of just wait for handouts from them. So I want to give them gifts that show my appreciation but are useful. No lame gloves or a silly sun hat!
Good Gift Giver
Dear Good Gift Giver
What a great Ask Kitty question! So thoughtful.

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Honouring the Wampum

Every major confrontation between Indian and Settler in North America has happened when the settler-guest has gone too far. In Oka confrontation of 1990, the Kanienkehaka Mohawks tried to stop illegal encroachment which was basically the same story again at Douglas Creek/Kanonhstaton, in Caledonia in 2006.

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Mushroom growing advice

Ask Kitty
Dear Kitty,
Could you please give me some mushroom growing advice or info? I want to grow my own mushrooms at home.
Growing in the Dark
Dear Growing in the Dark,
I have to say I have never grown mushrooms at home.

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