• Pow Wow Dance Styles Explained

    Pow Wow Dance Styles Explained3

    Today’s competitive pow wow dance styles are a blend of many nations, traditions and styles. Here is some background information on the styles you will see competing this weekend at the Grand River Champion of Champions Pow Wow. In general each style gets two songs to showcase their dancing ability; first a basic straight song, and a special second song.

  • Don’t do what Johnny Don’t does0

    Protocol – The do’s and don’ts of attending a pow-wow DO • Cheer on the Dancers and Drums loudly! • Laugh out loud when the Emcee says something funny. • Take plenty of pictures at the appropriate times. • Eat! It’s all tasty. • Invite your friends and family to come. Enjoy the weekend! •

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    To some, coming to Six Nations of the Grand River Territory is like a walk across the street. But to many others, visiting for the first or second time, you might be interested in knowing about many other interesting and enlightening sites in the immediate area worthy of visiting while you’re in the neighbourhood. The