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  • Treaty Right to Education

    Treaty Right to Education1

    The Assembly of First Nations and the newly divided department of Indigenous services DISC formerly Indian and Northern affairs have attempted to reduce the treaty or inherent right to education to a policy matter. Indian country in Canada has seen rapid changes in three months. The Assembly of First Nations with task forces, joint committees,

  • Treaty rights being negotiated in bad faith by AFN

    Treaty rights being negotiated in bad faith by AFN0

    The grassroots have had to remind the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) and other First Nation representative organizations that the power and direction of any negotiation, agreement or policy implementation comes from the people, the grassroots people. In the organizational structure of First Nation leadership organizations, a hierarchal approach has been taken to match federal

  • No more Cowboys & Indians

    No more Cowboys & Indians0

    Canadians are once again screaming and throwing tantrums over the original people refusing to be stereotyped. The cries of ethno-policing and cultural appropriation are put into articles dripping with contempt that other people’s worldviews have to be accommodated. Now when a holiday like Halloween is upon Canada, instead of ghouls or goblins, apparently, non- First