• Treaty rights being negotiated in bad faith by AFN

    Treaty rights being negotiated in bad faith by AFN0

    The grassroots have had to remind the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) and other First Nation representative organizations that the power and direction of any negotiation, agreement or policy implementation comes from the people, the grassroots people. In the organizational structure of First Nation leadership organizations, a hierarchal approach has been taken to match federal

  • No more Cowboys & Indians

    No more Cowboys & Indians0

    Canadians are once again screaming and throwing tantrums over the original people refusing to be stereotyped. The cries of ethno-policing and cultural appropriation are put into articles dripping with contempt that other people’s worldviews have to be accommodated. Now when a holiday like Halloween is upon Canada, instead of ghouls or goblins, apparently, non- First

  • Thunder Woman Speaks: Current Indigenous Battles are to Protect Both Sides Battling

    Thunder Woman Speaks: Current Indigenous Battles are to Protect Both Sides Battling0

    The original people of this land moved or settled in particular areas with specific reasons. Some nations moved, some stayed closer to settled lifestyles. The common understanding between the original nations has been to live “with the land”. This concept of “living with the land” is advanced in that the original people understood the interrelatedness

  • What does the future of this land hold?

    What does the future of this land hold?0

    It holds the memory and the understanding that has always been on this great island. It is the memory that speaks of a land filled with life and hope. It is the understanding that the Creator guides all life on this island. There is talk of reconciliation that continues to mark the conversation between the

  • Improper educational materials distorts history

    Improper educational materials distorts history0

    The history of this great island is not contained in textbooks that recount settler fallacies. The history of Turtle Island is in the land and water protected and stewarded by the original people. Mainstream media continues to distort the truth of the original people. Imagine a land rich and vibrant with life where all parts

  • Cultural appropriation

    Cultural appropriation0

    This topic is surfacing again with Canadian mainstream media. A recent issue of Write published an editorial by Hal Niedzviecki where he states that he “does not believe in cultural appropriation”. In this celebratory year of Canada 150, Niedzviecki’s editorial shows that white privilege does not understand the cultural distinctiveness of Indigenous voices. From the