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  • Cultural appropriation

    Cultural appropriation0

    This topic is surfacing again with Canadian mainstream media. A recent issue of Write published an editorial by Hal Niedzviecki where he states that he “does not believe in cultural appropriation”. In this celebratory year of Canada 150, Niedzviecki’s editorial shows that white privilege does not understand the cultural distinctiveness of Indigenous voices. From the

  • Mu WÎyan Î’uch: Thunder Woman speaks – Kill the Indian

    Mu WÎyan Î’uch: Thunder Woman speaks – Kill the Indian0

    Prior to settler colonials infecting the original ways of the Indigenous, the First Peoples had sustainable systems and communal ways that worked for centuries. In this year of “reconciliation” and with the celebration of the century and one half of “Canada”, a spotlight is being thrust on Canada’s treatment of its First Peoples. The consensus

  • Staying Silent

    Staying Silent0

    Indigenous people have the true voices in this land. It is voices and languages that flow, like a mountain stream, gurgling like infants. It is the voice of the river during the spring thaw when the voice starts to gain momentum. It is the powerful voice of the thunder beings signalling our people. Our voice