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  • WWND?


    It’s been a year now since I wrote my very first article “The Wind Storm”, which was also the first of nearly thirty articles in this series “Nature Connections”. It’s been a whole year of observing the Natural world, the weather, plants and animals and much more, simply watching them in their natural form…and I

  • Elected systems on First Nations are colonial imposed systems

    Elected systems on First Nations are colonial imposed systems0

    Elections in Indian country are a colonial construct. Prior to settlers, the original people had varied governance systems. In highly complex systems, there were two houses with checks and balances. These governance systems became models for settlers who were setting up new ways of governing themselves on this continent. When Indians were forced onto reserves,

  • That’s just the way she grows

    That’s just the way she grows0

    Have you ever come into crossing with a gathering of trees or a small forest and noticed anything peculiar, or especially out of the ordinary? I have. Not one forest is the same, and they are by far anything close to being perfect. This being said, I suppose it wouldn’t be too out of the

  • Deep See Dive

    Deep See Dive0

    Last week, I made my way up to Kawartha Lakes to spend four blissful days in the middle of nowhere with nothing but my love, the lake, and the trees. During my stay it so happened to be four of the hottest days yet this year. Needless to say, I spent the majority of my

  • Are there property rights on stolen land?

    Are there property rights on stolen land?1

    Canada prides itself on being a country of fairness in human rights issues. How fair is a country when the majority of incarcerated people are indigenous? How fair is Canada when they need international compulsion to conduct an inquiry into the high number of missing or murdered indigenous women? How does Canada fare when you

  • Ghost Forest

    Ghost Forest0

    My parents backyard backs onto an acre of a sparse and symmetrical little walnut forest. Private and serene, the backyard has always been a place to escape and sit in peace with Mother Nature. For nearly half my life, I’ve been going into that backyard in practically every type of emotion you could imagine, speaking