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  • When you’re too tired to be grown up

    When you’re too tired to be grown up0

    Creator has seen it fit to bless me with three daughters; a teenager, seven year old and an infant. Teaching them to be strong indigenous women takes up most of my time these days. That job is hard when I don’t feel strong myself. Right now the girls are in the kitchen peeling potatoes and

  • The happiest kids on Sour Springs Road

    The happiest kids on Sour Springs Road0

    Every year down on Six at New Years you will hear folks greeting each other with a festive “Nu-yah! Nu-yah!”. For some it is just another rez term. Nobody knows where it originated from. Nor do they know why you have to say it twice: that’s just how it is and how it always was.

  • Sled Wars on Christmas vacation

    Sled Wars on Christmas vacation0

    The smell of pine always reminds me of my childhood adventures being back the bush. You know that place in the back of your nostrils where the cold winter wind mixes with pine pitch? That is the smell of home on Six. Christmas break was always full of excitement down at Sour Springs. Even if

  • Loving one another through the generations

    Loving one another through the generations0

      For some women pregnancy is a glorious and sacred time, shrouded in the mystery and awe of woman bringing forth human life. For other women, pregnancy is more like a 40 week marathon that you can’t stop running. I am a part of this group. While I fully recognize what a blessing and honour

  • The soil of my ancestors

    The soil of my ancestors0

    The property my parents live on has been in my family for a long time. My great aunt Emily’s father Wunyadeh grew cucumbers on that land. His brother, Deskaheh, was the chief appointed to travel to Geneva and contend for the Haudenosaune at the United Nations. Every time I am on that land, I feel

  • Membership issues in Kahnawake

    Membership issues in Kahnawake0

    Non-band members residing on Kahnawake Mohawk territory with their band members spouses is still broiling hot. Last week another family was targeted by a group of band members protesting outside their home and insisting they leave immediately. Amanda Deer, her non-band member boyfriend and their 11 year old son opted to leave the territory temporarily