• Learning about diversity

    Learning about diversity0

    This week I was driving about doing some shopping with my youngest daughter and we happened upon a parade running through the north end of Brantford. At least a thousand Sikh men, women and children walked in colourful procession for Khalsa Day – a tradition in the Sikh religion. Sikhism is an Eastern Indian tradition

  • The story of J.J. – her healing journey

    The story of J.J. – her healing journey1

    Bring up the name J.J. to most Canadians and you’d likely see adults with furrowed brows and looks of deep solemnity falling across their faces. Google the name and guaranteed the results will be worse; journalists, columnists, oncologists, “experts” all sounding off on how this is a child in a ‘hopeless’ situation, failed by her

  • In defense of myself and the land

    In defense of myself and the land1

    My name is Nowendawih and I am under the wing of the Onondaga Beaver Clan – a natural born Haudenosaune of the Grand River Territory at Six Nations. My father is Sagoyehsahta and our lineage follows his mother – Kawineta. After the passing of my mother-in-law Elle Garlow, I also became the matriarch of the