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  • B.C. Councillors Call Proposed Change to Reserve Policy “Scary” and a “Real Threat”0

    In the latest edition of “Settler Panic,” Councillors this week in Richmond, B.C. talked openly about their fears of potential changes to the Federal Reserve Creation Policy which could allow for non-adjoining property to be declared reserve land. Councillors Halsay-Brandt and Steeves both brought a “sky is falling” element to the discussion urging that such

  • Hooded Wyoming Wolf Hunters Image Goes Viral0

    A photo went viral this week of a men wearing hoods while standing around an American flag and holding up the corpse of a dead wolf. The hunters represent a small hunting lobby in Wyoming who have fought efforts to reintroduce wolves – after near extinction in the area – as an unwelcome sign of

  • UN Special Rapporteur encounters Idle No More revival0

    The United Nations has dispatched James Anya, a law professor and special human rights envoy to assess the situation of indigenous peoples within Canada. Anya was on hand in Ottawa this weekend and met with a Haudenosaunee delegation who raised concerns regarding border crossing, identity, missing and murdered Indigenous women, and the implementation of the

  • Article puts Cleveland Indians racism in proper context2

    An article highlighting a controversial image released by the National Congress of American Indians has been circulating on Facebook this week. The poster uses fabricated mascots to expose the inherent racism behind the Cleveland Indians name and logo. Opponents of this article have attempted to derail the issue by raising the Fighting Irish as an

  • Video of Amazon gold mining devastation goes viral in Peru0

    Illegal gold-mining operations in the Amazon have turned portions of the landscape there into a ‘moon-like’ wasteland according to video uploaded by Peruvian Journalist Güido Lombardi. This video was shot from a wingcam mounted on an airplane owned by Carnegie Airborne Observatory (CAO) while gathering data for a study of Peru’s rainforest. Research suggests that

  • United Nations suggests Canada should investigate missing women0

    Cuba and Iran supported a UN report that suggested Stephen Harper needs to address the 668 aboriginal women that have gone missing or were murdered in Canada, in what the report called “the darkest corners of the world”. In return Canada blasted the UN for allowing Fidel and Mahmoud to criticize Canada at all. The