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  • Turn in your ARMS0

    With 15,694 likes and almost 8,000 shares this picture has been circulating around Facebook conspiracy pages and is generating interesting conversation and support from gun advocates. Many people are fighting at this very moment over the gun control issue and this picture is all the rage right now. [blockquote style=”style-3″ icon=”128100″]Jose Huerta: The Native American

  • What’s #Trending: Sept 25, 20130

    Naniamo News runs blatantly racist article On September 22, 2013 thousands of people in Vancouver took part in a reconciliation walk to support the victims of residential schools, it was an emotional time of healing and even Dr. Martin Luther King’s daughter gave a moving speech. It seems all is well in Canada. The next

  • Voyager1 Enters the Final Frontier0

    Some folks may remember when the Voyager1 satellite launched in 1977 to explore the solar system. This week it was confirmed by NASA that Voyager1 left our solar system around mid August 2012, becoming the first man made object to ever leave our solar system and enter interstellar space. Should the satellite come in contact

  • Impaled “Redskin” prop causes controversy1

    This controversial image is causing quite a stir on social media this week. A overzealous Philedelphia Eagles fanatic is holding a impaled head of a ‘Redskin’ during a game with people in the background showing expressions of laughter and mild amusement. There is a surprising backlash of supporters this image has on the internet who

  • Does Facebook Make you Unhappy?0

    Taking a break from internet slang this week we will play a bit of catch up with internet news and information. Does Facebook Make you Unhappy? A study that tracked young adults during a two week period suggests Facebook causes unhappiness, says Time. com. Ethan Cross is a is a social psychologist at the University

  • Memes (pronounced ‘meems’)0

    There’s times when I use terms and phrases in every day speech that are commonly used online but just sound weird to say out loud in public. This week it has become apparent that I need to introduce some of these slang words into the rez vocabulary. It is my duty and responsibility to honor