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  • Healthy Roots 2016: Participant Introductions

    Healthy Roots 2016: Participant Introductions0

    This year, Healthy Roots has nine participants who are committing to the challenge. We have a family of three (Team GenHawk), an educator, an artist/historian, a police foundations student, a food access worker, a mother/caregiver, and a health professional. Read more about each of them here: Questions: Tell us a bit about yourself? What inspired

  • Spotlight on Emotional Health

    Spotlight on Emotional Health0

    Journaling is the process of writing out your thoughts, dreams and fears in a private notebook. Writing can help as a venting mechanism, an opportunity for reflection, or serve as a creative outlet. It is especially helpful during times of change, for example – at the start of a new year as resolutions are being

  • Going back to our roots in 2016

    Going back to our roots in 20160

    TRT Staff “Healthy Roots,” sponsored by The Dreamcatcher Foundation, is a campaign that examines how traditional foods and regular physical activity can positively impact the lives of Indigenous peoples. The Two Row Times, Six Nations Health Services, Our Sustenance Farmers Market and Greenhouse, and local nutrition consultant Chandra Maracle have partnered to develop a Healthy

  • Healthy Roots wraps up for 2015

    Healthy Roots wraps up for 20150

    As the harvest winds down and the fields are cleared for the winter, so has the third installment of Healthy Roots. Over the course of 6 weeks, the Healthy Roots team and the amazing community members who participated have shared the ins and outs of harvesting and preserving our own Healthy Roots foods. We even

  • Don’t plant all your seeds…eat some!

    Don’t plant all your seeds…eat some!0

    By Kitty R. Lynn We are seed savers! Being a seed saver is definitely a great way to have a free supply of seeds to plant in your garden to trade and to share.  But don’t plant them all! Prepare some just for your eating pleasure! The seed is an embryonic plant itself. It is

  • Moose in a jar – its not as tough as you think!

    Moose in a jar – its not as tough as you think!0

    By Kitty R. Lynn Canning meat and fish may seem like an overwhelming task. It is not as difficult as most people imagine and you have the satisfaction of knowing exactly what you are eating. Your sense of self sustainability surrounding food will be at an all-time high! Important facts to note about canning meat