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  • And what about the water?

    And what about the water?0

    At least on one point the Crown agrees with me. Of course not saying what was really done. This makes it so very important on what I was saying earlier, we do not have a Treaty with the Crown and this fact of ApliedvTrickery then takes us all back to 1612, proving that the Crown

  • Isadore Day on Indigenous History Month

    Isadore Day on Indigenous History Month0

    June is National Indigenous History Month. The recognition began in 2009 after a unanimous motion was passed in the House of Commons — one year after Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s historic Apology to Residential School Survivors on June 11, 2008, now ten years ago. Much has changed in the past decade in terms of the

  • Brightening the Spirit

    Brightening the Spirit0

    Breaking the Silence Suicide Awareness Committee formed in 2014. We are a committee of volunteers both native and non-native. We are non-denominational. Persons of faith or no faith are welcome to attend meetings held on the first Thursday of each month at 10am at the Dajoh Youth & Elders Building in Ohsweken. Our efforts are

  • HCCC, Elvera Garlow releases statement

    HCCC, Elvera Garlow releases statement0

    This statement was posted to Facebook in regards to the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Council meeting last Saturday at the Onondaga Longhouse on Six Nations. “I was given permission to speak by the three sides of the fire at HCCC today,” wrote Garlow. “There seems to be questions around the responsibilities of the finance board. It was

  • Letter from the Maplehurst Correctional Centre

    Letter from the Maplehurst Correctional Centre0

    January 8, 2018 Sago: Hello: I am writing on behalf of the aboriginal population at Maplehurst Correctional Centre. As you may know, the Brantford Jail has finally closed. The reason I am writing is because all of us at the jail have grown to love and look forward to getting a copy of the Two

  • Letter to the editor: Holding Wynne accountable

    Letter to the editor: Holding Wynne accountable0

    One has to remember our now premier has been in cabinet since 2003 and must be held accountable. A look at the liberal record shows HST was added on just about everything we purchase, including home heating fuel. Then they [the liberal government] added a carbon tax on just about everything we buy, including a

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Two Row Times