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  • “Plan P” is for the Penguins.

    “Plan P” is for the Penguins.0

    Hello Mr. Windle; After reading your article “Plan C” may I suggest “Plan P” which is the Penguins. They actually have a very strong connection to Brantford. The Civic Centre in Brantford, was the equivalence of Dunedin Florida for the Blue Jays. The Penguins used to practice in the off season there. As a matter

  • Response to Confederacy Chiefs unknowingly being made shareholders in Corporation

    Response to Confederacy Chiefs unknowingly being made shareholders in Corporation3

    In speaking only for myself and not the Six Nations Elected Council (SNEC) and with all due respect to the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council (HCCC), saying one thing and doing another doesn’t cut it. In the 2013 statement given by Chief Sidney Hill, Tadodato, Onondaga Nation, it states the imposition of elected councils primary intent

  • Haldimand Proclamation A Mohawk Perspective

    Haldimand Proclamation A Mohawk Perspective0

    In light of the recent death of Mohawk activist, Bill Squire representing the Mohawk Workers, we thought it would be fitting to offer this posthumous republishing of a letter in which Squire explains his stance and his beliefs about the Mohawks of the Grand River Territory. As the Haldimand suggests, the Mohawk of Grand River