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  • First Nations players loving Magic: The Gathering

    First Nations players loving Magic: The Gathering0

    Twenty-two years ago, a publishing company called Wizards of the Coast invented something completely new. It was a trading card game called Magic: The Gathering. Magic started quietly and with little fanfare. Today, it is translated into ten languages and distributed worldwide to over 11 million people currently playing the game. In our local area,

  • World of Tanks – Free to play armored warfare

    World of Tanks – Free to play armored warfare0

    In medieval times, heavy plate armor made knights nearly invincible on the battlefield. In the 20th century armored vehicles dominated the landscapes of WWI and WWII. Belarus video game developer Wargaming.net has released a free to play game for the PC and XBOX 360 called World of Tanks which focuses on tracked vehicular combat from

  • Improving Your Game: Part One – Attitude and Guides0

    There are a few general skills that anyone can learn and practice to improve their game performance. These skills are not specific to video games, but can also apply to many games such as chess, as well. Before I discuss any of these skills, however, it is important to adopt the proper attitude. This attitude

  • Destined to disappoint the hardcore fans

    Destined to disappoint the hardcore fans0

    Video game review: Destiny (PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX One) Although it was “only a video game” the Halo series made a significant cultural impact on the millennial generation when it was released in 2001. This Sci-Fi shooter was a breakout hit like Star Wars was in the 80’s and put Microsoft on the map

  • Launching your own video game show

    Launching your own video game show0

    For the last 30 years we have watched indigenous people take increasingly more prominent roles in the media. We can think of native actors, comedians, musicians, politicians and athletes. Despite the widespread popularity of video games on every territory across these lands, there are not many video games developed by indigenous companies or video game

  • ROBOCRAFT – Free doesn’t mean cheap0

    Triple A is a term usually reserved for the $80 video games that kids demand for Christmas, but there is a new trend growing with the successes of multi-million dollar developers such as Riot Games and Wargaming.net. Free-to-play is a new model of online gaming which gives players access to everything a game has to