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  • Ji’dawis continues to seek attention1

    SIX NATIONS. Ji’dawis, a well known attention seeker who has made his name by regularly bothering both Caledonia residents and members of the Six Nations community, returned to Kanonhstaton on Monday, August 26th for an impromptu protest. Ji’dawis and a handful of his supporters milled about at the front entrance of Kanonhstaton seeking to provoke

  • Learning from the Youth: Two Row Youth Summer Camp a success1

    SIX NATIONS, From August 19th to 23rd the Two Row Society hosted a Two Row youth summer camp on a farm on Six Nations of the Grand River Territory. The camp brought together Onkwehon:we and non-Onkwehon:we youth and helpers for a week of traditional Haudenosaunee craft-making, dancing, games and teachings based on the principles of

  • Defending Herself: Theresa “Toad” Jamieson faces Final Trial Date0

    Theresa “Toad” Jamieson faces the latest instalment of her continuing trial on Wednesday, August 28th at 10am, at the Cayuga courthouse. The charges against Jamieson stem from an incident on February 18, 2012, after Gary McHale and his supporters walked onto the reclaimed land of Kanonhstaton with a group of OPP officers. Toad has been defending