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There are No DNA Checkpoints under the Tree of Peace

Over the last few days I have been watching my community implode as members try to stop a woman from building her home. Why? Because she has a non-native husband. This issue brings out the worst in our people, and social media is hot with hate. Characterized by some as “a Nazi witch hunt”, this debacle is difficult to watch, yet much like a train wreck, it’s hard to look away, and that all the more so because my own family is affected. Community members are submitting names to a list of individuals living with non-natives in the territory and my sister and her partner are second down the line.


Calm before the storm

All was quiet around Tyendinaga Sunday morning. Getting off at the Shannonville Road exit, I expected to see warriors on the roads and a heavy presence of police officers on standby, watching their every move. But nothing. So I drove around the reserve, expecting to see a group of warriors somewhere doing something.