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  • Representation, and taxation without proper representation

    Representation, and taxation without proper representation1

    If I do not have a right to tax my neighbor, how can I assign that right to the government to tax my neighbor? Magic!? Proper representation can be a very complex concept; like, what elements are necessary to qualify representation, if we are truly represented we should have a very solid understanding of what

  • Decolonizing our lives with Conscious Intention

    Decolonizing our lives with Conscious Intention0

    By Mike Myers I recently had a conversation with my brother about a workshop he attended focused on “Conscious Discipline” which is described as: “Conscious Discipline® is built on the premise of developing discipline within children rather than applying discipline to them. The Conscious Discipline process applies equally to parents, child care givers, educators, and patient caregivers.” His comment

  • Disambiguation


    English common law is the system of law based on the decision of courts of England without authority of written law but rather on customary usage by court. Common law as applied outside the England/”UK” has and is now making effort at assumption of jurisdiction over others and their lands by way of Her Britannic