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  • Local smoke shop owner discusses Bill C-100

    The Two Row Times spoke with a storeowner for a smoke shop on Six Nations who identifies as Mohawk and wished to remain anonymous.

  • Two Row Times hosts public information meeting on Bill C-100

    Almost exactly twenty years ago, in February 1994, the RCMP threatened to invade the Six Nations territory in a crackdown on cigarette smuggling. And now once again, the federal government is threatening Haudenosaunee people to send in their “goon squad” in an attempt to seize any and all ‘illegal’ tobacco.

  • Conservative MP Phil McColeman on C-100

    BRANT/BRANTFORD – Bill C-10, which would force Native cigarette businesses to pay a foreign tax on products made on reserve and sold on reserve, is part of Prime Minister Steven Harper’s sweeping new plan to crack down on so-called “contraband” tobacco. Last week, we asked Brant Conservative MP Phil McColeman what his opinion of Harpers Bill C-10 was. Here is what he had to say about the matter.

  • United Front needed against C-100

    SIX NATIONS – According to Steven Ford, a practicing lawyer and proud Kanien’keha:ka (Mohawk) from Tyendinaga, a united front is the best defense against Prime Minister Steven Harper’s Bill C-10, criminalizing the Native tobacco trade.

  • Tobacco: History and Health1

    As I place Mr. X on a breathing machine he flashes me a look from his terrified eyes. I know this look well, the desperate cry for help of a drowning man. But he is not drowning in water. He has spent a lifetime drowning in smoke and his lungs are now so shattered that his tiring, heaving shoulders are unable to bring in enough air for his next breath. I will not be able to pull him back to shore. His lungs are failing, he is dying and he knows it.

  • Brant gives Harper until the end of Feb for an inquiry6

    TYENDINAGA – Tyendinaga Mohawk activist Shawn Brant has given Prime Minister Steven Harper until the end of February to call a national inquiry into missing Indigenous women.