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Job Title Digital Archivist
Company Name Kawenni:io / Gaweni:yo Private School
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Location 3201 Second Line
Hagersville, Ontario N0A 1H0
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(Elementary & High School)
3201 Second Line
Hagersville, ON N0A 1H0
Phone: (905)768-7203 Fax: (905)768-7150

Job Posting For: Digital Archivist

Job Title: Digital Archivist
Job Type: 3-Month Contract
Salary: Starting at $1172.23 weekly (T.B.D. based on experience & qualifications)
Start Date: Monday, January 6th, 2020
End Date: March 31st, 2020
Posting Period: December 2nd-December 16th, 2019
Working Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:15 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.
Language(s) Required: Kanien'kéha, Gayogoho:no, English and the ability to differentiate other Rotinonhsión:ni languages in written, audio and video formats.

Job Description: The Digital Archivist will work in the Kawenni:io-Gaweni:yo Teacher Resource Center to design a searchable database for our digital archives, teaching, learning and cultural resources and physical
collections housed at KGPS. The Digital Archivist will catalogue and create descriptions according to archival metadata standards and best practices; insuring the cultural integrity of our Rotinonhsión:ni people.
Qualifications & Experience: Hold a degree, diploma or certificate in archival science, library science, museum curatorship, indigenous studies, education, history or a related field from a recognized post-secondary
institution or indigenous organization (preferred). Demonstrate the ability to differentiate written and audio Gayogoho:no, Kanien'kéha, and English from other Rotinonhsión:ni languages. Have experience and
familiarity working with sensitive materials and sensitive material protocols in indigenous communities. Provide evidence of: analytical, organizational, communication, collaborative, project and time management skills.
Demonstrate proficiency in the following computer programs and applications: Adobe Creative Cloud Master Collection, Microsoft Office and GMail. Collaborate with other community-based organizations who have, or are
developing digitization projects.

Please submit your resume and cover letter, recent police check including vulnerable sector and all supporting documentation, together with the names of two professional references and one personal reference. By email
or mail no later than December 15th, 2019.

To: Linda I. Staats, Principal
Kawenni:io/Gaweni:yo School
3201 Second Line
Hagersville, ON N0A 1H0

Email address: kgprivateschool@gmail.com

Kawenni:io/Gaweni:yo School gives preference to First Nation applicants for any employment opportunities as per Section 16(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act. Successful applicant must provide a current CPIC,
Vulnerable Sector Screening, and consent to a background check. Only those candidates selected for an interview will be called.

Digital Archivist Job Description

Under the supervision of the Principal, the digital archivist’s performance will be considered synonymous with the Kawenni:io/Gaweni:yo school policies and procedures.

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

• design, implement, monitor and report on a work plan with expectations, goals, time frames and
• collaborate with administration and KGPS employees to complete the scope of their work as the digital
archivist in a timely manner
• gather and scan all print documents housed at KGPS
• save all digitized print documents in appropriate formats (i.e./not as .jpg but as .pdf etc.)
• source, collect and gather all audio files housed at KGPS
• source, collect and gather all video files housed at KGPS
• 'clean-up' audio and digital files
• transfer all files into formats acceptable to the KGPS archival system
• input each file into the KGPS archival system categorizing each file according to keyword:

o format (i.e./print video, audio, photograph etc.),
o language (Kanien'kéha, Gayogohon:no, English etc.)
o grade or grade range
o curriculum strand
o subject, topic
o name or title
o cultural reference
o type of document (i.e./template, learning resource, etc.)

• maintain a 'back-up' of the entire KGPS collection in a relevant format
• make recommendations for the sustainability, maintenance, growth and improvement of the KGPS
digital archive system
• design and create short, brief web-based training tutorials for KGPS staff that demonstrate how to use
the KGPS digital archive system.

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