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Representation, and taxation without proper representation

If I do not have a right to tax my neighbor, how can I assign that right to the government to tax my neighbor? Magic!? Proper representation can be...

If I do not have a right to tax my neighbor, how can I assign that right to the government to tax my neighbor? Magic!?

Proper representation can be a very complex concept; like, what elements are necessary to qualify representation, if we are truly represented we should have a very solid understanding of what that verily means.

What is representation? Representation is a statement, which induces entry into a contract, also the action of speaking or acting on behalf of someone or the state of being so represented.

A contract is a voluntary arrangement between two or more parties that is enforceable at law as a binding agreement.

In situations where an ambiguity of representation exists and has been cited, the ambiguity must be cleared before authentic representation can occur. This could mean that if the chain of authority is broken or not established the representation may be false.

An ambiguity causes doubtfulness or uncertainty of meaning or intention, and, in a contract the full intent of all parties need to be properly represented and understood for the agreement to be valid.

When contracts are entered into as a result of false representation the contract is voidable, void ab initio.

Now in a real world sense what do I think this means? If anyone makes a claim that they represent me I have to ask myself and the claimant, how? How the contract was made valid, what if it’s not valid? Anyone who makes a claim also carries the burden of proof. If proof cannot be shown then the claim must be vacated or voided.

To better understand representation we must also understand the idea of delegation of authority. What is a properly delegated authority, how has a company like HDI and others like it gained authority, how have they been delegated by the people they claim to speak on behalf of? How was HDI empowered by the different nations and those nation’s people?

If they do rightfully represent me through a collective rights agreement, there must be a chain of evidence, a provable link from me, to HDI. I have been told that HDI uses clan mothers as a way to collectivize our individual rights. This clearly is bypassing the need for proper checks such as a true consensus of all individual interests that make up the collective, even those who do not have a clan presence at these meetings.

Individuals can hardly assert the rights of the collective. It would seem absurd, yet, however HDI has managed to do just that, they have made the claim.

In any case we must look at the elements of qualifications, including HDI’s claim to achieve proper representation. Where HDI is concerned, they claim that the clan mothers mandate them, and all clan families are equally heard in the meetings, yet the ambiguity starts when even just one clan mother of the complete array is absent.

The fact is that the clan mothers are also in a position to prove who they represent and so on down the chain to assert a true verifiable representation over the thousands of people they claim to represent. Without a proper internal and nationalized census we cannot truly understand the demographics of our nations to come to an understanding of the nature and true intent of HDI’s offer to represent our interests. It’s all too ambiguous. Therefore it is void from the very beginning. All benefits gained from its existence are unjust enrichments, and a dilution of our complete and inalienable rights.

Proper representation is exact — it has form. It is not vapor. If HDI cannot provide proof of an actual chain of evidence linking me to it, then I can only conclude that I am an unwilling slave to HDI.

We are being taxed without proper representation, not only from the collective Canadian governments but we also face the threat of untruths, unprovable claims and extreme plunder by the very ones who claim to represent us.

In 2008 I set up a task force to review specific claims made against myself and my estate, called the Pentortoise: Evaluation of Administration, Regulations and Liabilities. Anyone who wishes to share ideas about this article should contact me at

Benjamin II

Part time writer and full time web developer, managing the TRT website from a proxy desk somewhere from the ethernets. Doolittle Productions manages the content and moderates the comments and forums., any onsite issues? don't hesitate to contact me.
  • Jim Douglas

    Taxation: Smoke and mirrors…. Why are any Indians paying any sort of tax? I know how to push that away and I do not subscribe to the lies the rest of you follow…. Jonathan does not return phone calls. You are not interested in printing truth because you are afraid to look at it. I have many of the answers. I can also alleviate apparent tax burdens that some of you incurred by subjecting yourselves to the COLONIAL structure. I don’t just talk about it. I do it. Speaking of treaties and inherent rights all the while signing away those rights with the “new” STATUS CARD” !!! It was always there but in recent years , THEY are exercising what the Indian Act started. You do not have to follow that piece of (as the rest of the world calls it….. A White Paper on Genocide). The AFN patted ITSELF on the back because the UNITED NATIONS sent a communique saying that THEY were pleased that the AFN has modelled itself after the UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY. Several hundred dumb INDIANS applauded. I wanted to shout out that THEY are stupid. While the world is condemning the UN the AFN and those stupid INDIANS applaud being like it????

    On November 18, I am in COURT / court against ENBRIDGE and THE GOVERNMENT of CANADA. Anyone wanting to witness truth, may want to attend. That was why I was attempting to contact Jonathan.

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