Crown will appeal “not guilty” verdict in Peter Khill trial

The shooting death of Jonathan Styres will be heard in the Court of Appeal.

Six Nations Justice Department announced Friday afternoon that they received notice from the Attorney General that the Crown will appeal the “not guilty” verdict for Peter Khill in the shooting death of Jonathan Styres.

“We are relieved that the Crown is moving ahead with the appeal.” said Barb General, Director of the Six Nations Justice Department. “The verdict has left people feeling like it is open season for violence on Indigenous people – we are grateful that the Crown is continuing to fight for justice in this case.”
The elected band council voted unanimously earlier this month to banish Khill from the Six Nations of the Grand River territory — where Styres was from and his family still resides.
Khill, 28, admitted at trial that he shot Styres on the morning of Feb. 4, 2016, but pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder, saying he fired in self-defence when he thought Styres was pointing a gun at him.
The jury at last month’s trial heard that Styres did not have a gun.
Khill’s defence said at trial that he saw Styres breaking into his truck in the middle of the night and he fell back on his army reserve training, taking his shotgun outside to “neutralize the threat.”
Following the June 27 verdict, Six Nations Chief Ava Hill questioned how Indigenous people could have faith in a justice system that “fails to hold anyone accountable for the taking of a life.”

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