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  • Experience the best teacher at Pita Palace

    Experience the best teacher at Pita Palace0

    SIX NATIONS – What better way of teaching basic business and life skills to your kids than by opening a restaurant and train them on the job? As far as Melissa Montour is concerned — there is none. Last summer, MP’s Ice Cream Shop opened at 722 Chiefswood Road and was run by Melissa and

  • TiffanyTaylre: Make-up & Women’s Empowerment

    TiffanyTaylre: Make-up & Women’s Empowerment0

    SIX NATIONS – Making women feel beautiful. That’s the theme of TiffanyTaylre — a hair and makeup service company that has been on Six Nations for the last two years. Twenty-six-year-old Tiffany Thomas owns the business and offers an array of services. “I offer styling to women who want hair and makeup done at a

  • Telling Stories through Cornhusk Art

    Telling Stories through Cornhusk Art0

    In October 2014, Elizabeth Doxtater, better known as Bets, opened Everything Cornhusk in the plaza right in the center of Ohsweken. We’re so tiny many people don’t know how much is in here. It’s a gallery, just as much as a little shop,” Bets says. Everything Cornhusk is much more than that. It is also

  • Fresh coffee, fresh ideas and fresh home-cooked food

    Fresh coffee, fresh ideas and fresh home-cooked food0

    SIX NATIONS – Catherine Powless bought Java Joe’s Coffee Shop last year in October and has loved every minute of running the business since. “I bought it because I knew I could handle it,” said Catherine. “I’m smart enough to run it and I know how to cook.” Java Joe’s was established 13 years ago

  • Martin’s Craft Shop: 16 Years and Counting

    Martin’s Craft Shop: 16 Years and Counting0

    SIX NATIONS – As a traveller from outside of Six Nations you might wish to pick up something to remember your time here. And if you’re a picky buyer, looking for something hand-made and well made, Martin’s Craft Shop is the best place to go. Well known within Six Nations as one of the best

  • Benefits of shopping locally

    Benefits of shopping locally0

    SIX NATIONS – Buying products from an independent, locally owned business instead of a large national company means more of your money remains within the community and strengthens its economic base. When a consumer supports local business owners, they enjoy benefits that aren’t found when shopping at large chains.   Here are some benefits to