Cepo Responds to Communication Concerns

November 14, 2023

I was appointed as Chief Electoral Officer on October 5, 2023 with a signed contract to conduct the Six Nations Elected Council elections for 2023 – 2027.

In working with and through the already approved process for the election dates and guided by the election code 2023, I was flooded with numerous phone calls and emails about the lack of communication related to the nomination meeting even a suggestion to void the election process and start over.

This letter is not about criticism or revisiting complaints.  This letter is about communication and some positive suggestions to ensure that the entire Six Nations community receives the same information at the same time and in the same manner.  I say this because many older members don’t have a computer, many don’t have social media accounts, many don’t know what SNEC is, thus do not access the SNEC website where it seems much of the needed community information gets sent out from.

It is time that the Six Nations Elected Council Public Relations/Communication Department looks seriously at other software platforms in which to relay information to the community at large.

Some community members expressed anger and concern about being left out and/or falling through the cracks.  Together we can change this.  Respecting that the new Council of 12 will truly hear the community’s voice and encourage their Communication’s Department to find a community software platform that benefits everyone living on Six Nations of the Grand River Territory.

In peace and friendship,

Dorothy Patterson

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