Condoled leadership and specific responsibilities

As condoled leadership, there are specific responsibilities we are entrusted with in order to uphold the peace, they are as follows:

Work for the unborn by ensuring that we are mindful of decisions affect s tehatikonhsatonkie, those whose faces are yet in the ground.

Works for the three principles which are:
Kanikonhrí:io (a good mind)
Skén:nen (peace)
Kahsatsténhsera (power)

Skin is 7 spans thick: Must listen to the people and cannot be offended or angry at their words.

Cannot take sides. Must be able to weigh matters as not to disrupt the peace in the minds of the people. If you know an issue will break the peace and seen as unable to be resolved, it is considered to be a dead issue.

The tree of peace represents the Roiá:ner. One trees’ roots goes in all directions and it is the soil of the land and the three principles of a good mind, peace and power that upholds the tree.

It is the ancestors and the unborn of the 49 families (Rotinonhshión:ni) who own the land.

The protocol for resolving an issue is as follows:

Individual has to go to their mother’s side of the family with the issue.
The issue will then go to the clan family, after the Iakoiá:ner (clan mother) gathers them.
The Ranontanónhnha (also known as the sub-chief) then takes the issue to the Roiá:ner (also known as chief).
The Roiá:ner will then sit with the two other Rotiiá:ner in the same clan.
The three Rotiianéhson will then bring it to the Nation Council.
The Nation Council will bring it to the Grand Council.

These are some of the protocols set in place by Kaianerenhsera’kó:wa. As many clan people have been left out and are not in agreement with our lands, yet again, being placed into a foreign court system to determine what happens to the coming faces yet unborn, the Sharenhó:wane Wolf Clan makes our stance on the continued genocidal practices that we continue to face today.

Submitted by:

Kahentéhtha – Iakoiá:ner
Sharenhó:wane Tekahwatsiratákie

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