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  • Cutting rations to residential school parents

    Cutting rations to residential school parents0

    Many people just beginning to understand the episode in Canadian History known as the residential schools era may wonder, how did parents react when their son or daughter begged them not to send them back into the abuse that institution promised them. The first thing to know is that Indian children were gathered up like

  • What frauds lie beneath Brantford land titles

    What frauds lie beneath Brantford land titles0

    BRANTFORD – The debate over whether certain Six Nation lands in Brantford were legitimately surrendered for sale or lease has brought polarized opinions, but what were the terms of those transactions as agreed to between John Brant on behalf of the Six Nations Chiefs and the Crown? That is where to begin. There were terms

  • Red Jacket’s speech to President Peter Russell

    Red Jacket’s speech to President Peter Russell0

    From Canadian Archives The following is a manuscript originally hand written but later typed and rechecked by government typists before being filed in the Canadian Archives in Ottawa. In reading old documents there are a few hints to help understand the intent. For reasons we are still trying to understand, there is a government style

  • Visit to Mush Hole when it was doing its job

    Visit to Mush Hole when it was doing its job0

    The residential school system was a terrible period of time in Canada’s history and a lot of people are now becoming aware of it. But there was a time when even Joseph Brant might have approved of the results of educating his people. Although the objective was always the same — total assimilation and the

  • Why Brant sold Land

    Why Brant sold Land0

    BRANTFORD – Joseph Brant has been accused of selling off land for his own enrichment, usually by people who have no historical anchor to attach the accusation to. By meticulously going through the Canadian Archives, it becomes clear that between 1784 and the death of Joseph Brant in 1807, deeds of sale do exist for

  • First Nations Warriors Key in Preserving the Future of Canada0

    Great acts of heroism by First Nations soldiers over 200 years ago helped paved the way to Canadian Confederation in 1867. Without their sacrifices during the War of 1812, Canada would be a very different place says Dr. Carl Benn professor of history at Ryerson University. “After studying the War of 1812 for over 40