Corvairs prepare for second round against Hamilton Kilty B’s

CALEDONIA — To recap, the Caledonia Pro-fit Corvairs made positive waves after hitting the ice on Saturday, March 2, to face the Welland Jr. Canadians.

The first period started strong with Noah Beltzer, Clark Dunford and Markus Dempewolf coming through with buries within the first seven minutes. The Canadians answered once before the end of the period, 3-1 in favour of the Corvairs.

In the second, Markus Dempewolf put away a single-handed goal for the entire period, unassisted. Moving into the third, Noah Beltzer went for his second of the game, while Markus Dempewolf earned his third and fourth, both from Tyler Savard and Jayden Lammel.

A clean game saw zero penalties in the final, and 7-1 on the scoreboard. It is safe to assume that the bye week gave the Corvairs a boost in edge.

Their second game saw the Corvairs put the stamina advantage to full use: Zachary Naherne earned the first goal just one minute into the game. While Markus Dempewolf scored his first from Gavin McAfee-Rankine.

This led to the second period where Nathan Duplessis kicked off with an unassisted goal, Markus Dempewolf scored from Jayden Lammel and Ethan Royer scored from Aiden Wilson and Tyler Wells. A 5-0 lead going into the third allowed the Canadians to earn two goals before the end, earmarking another win 5-2 for the Corvairs.

Their next round of games will place them in the second play-off run against the Hamilton Kitty B’s. On Friday, March 22, the Corvairs will host the first game of the series within the Haldimand County Caledonia Centre (HCCC), and look to push themselves forward beyond this series.

The Kitty B’s hold a 4 wins and 3 losses streak, while the Corvairs situate themselves as well-rested after a bye-week.

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