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  • _Snipers outshoot Steelhawks

    _Snipers outshoot Steelhawks0

    OSHAWA — Seated right in the middle of ALL standings, the Six Nations Snipers were quick to toss the last place Whitby Steelhawks to the side at the Children’s Arena on Saturday, January 19. The game was largely one-sided as the game finalized 18-7. Top three players of the evening from the Snipers included hat-trick

  • Hawks have slow start with Mudcats

    Hawks have slow start with Mudcats0

    DUNNVILLE — The Hawks still rest in third place, but their meeting with the Dunnville Mudcats on Friday night at the Dunnville Memorial Arena showed a win that needed to snow ball. The first period ended and the scoreboard had two eggs as neither side could bury. While the following period allowed for a goal

  • _Ducks end losing streak

    _Ducks end losing streak0

    Halting a franchise record 12-game losing streak that began during their match against the New York Rangers in December — the Ducks rode a two-game winning high with victories over the Minnesota Wild (3-0) and New Jersey Devils (3-2). Six Nations Brandon Montour added two assists in last Thursday’s win over the Wild, holding five