Corvairs earn two more in the winners column

CALEDONIA — The Caledonia Pro-fit Corvair fans were finally given a home game this past Saturday, November 25, after the Corvairs spent weekends visiting away from home arenas.


Last week, they were victorious over the Pelham Panthers and this past weekend, they re-kicked a win-streak after suffering a loss to the St. Catharines Falcons, redeeming themselves with two more victories.


On Thursday, November 23, the Corvairs ventured out to their neighbouring opponents, the Hamilton Kilty B’s, at the Dave Andreychuk Mountain Arena.


The first period saw the Corvairs warm up as they earned four minutes of penalties early on in the period. This opened for the first Kilty B’s goal just 1 minute and 33 seconds in on a power play. For the latter half of the ice time, the Kilty B’s earned four minutes of penalties themselves, but closed the period with a 0-1 lead.


In the second period however, the Corvairs reset the tone after taking aggression from the Kilty B’s. Jayden Lammel and Steve LaFormer earned assist as in just two minutes remaining on the clock, both Markus Dempewolf and Ryan O’Keefe earned goals, leaving just three seconds in the period for a 2-1 lead.


In the third period, the game took a decided turn in the Corvairs favour, as the Kilty B’s focused on earning aggression instead of putting the puck in the net. This allowed Markus Dempewolf to score from Jayden Lammel and Zachary Naherne. Dempewolf went for his third goal of the game with 52 seconds remaining, from Nathan Duplessis and Ryan O’Keefe. This closed the game at a comfortable 4-1 for the Corvairs.


This brought the Corvairs into their next match, on Saturday, November 25, as they reloaded for their home game against Port Colborne Sailors at the Haldimand County Caledonia Centre.


The first period saw a back and forth between both teams, with the Sailors opening up for the first goal of the game seven minutes in. But Ethan Girard came through for the Corvairs from a feed by Michael Derbidge from Brayden Russell. Two minutes later, Markus Dempewolf scored from Jayden Lammel and Clark Dunford.


In the second period, the Corvairs started short-handed, but earned another goal 30 seconds afterwards by Markus Dempewolf from Jayden Lammel and Zachary Naherne. This gave the Corvairs a 3-1 lead by the end, as the Sailors couldn’t respond.


In the third period, the Corvairs continued with an initial goal of the period. Markus Dempewolf came through with a hat-trick, from Jayden Lammel and Sami Douglas but this closed out the scoring for the Corvairs. This put the heat on the Sailors to play catch up, who mustered two more goals before the end. By the end, Markus Dempewolf earned a game misconduct with a head contact major, but the Corvairs sealed the win 4-3.


On November 25, the Corvairs took part in the Caledonia Santa Clause Parade ahead of their scheduled games for December 1 and 2, both at at 7:30 p.m., EST. On Friday, they will rematch the Sailors at the Vale Centre, and on Saturday, they will face the Welland Jr. Canadians at home within the Haldimand County Caledonia Centre.

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