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    Singer Lacey Hill amplifying the frequency of love

    SIX NATIONS – Six Nations Artist Lacey Hill held a showing of old and new songs from her latest album titled, M at the Grand River Employment and Training Centre (GREAT) theatre. Friends, family and fans were able to support her as she played songs with deep meaning and...
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    Martin’s Craft Shop: 16 Years and Counting

    SIX NATIONS – As a traveller from outside of Six Nations you might wish to pick up something to remember your time here. And if you’re a picky buyer, looking for something hand-made and well made, Martin’s Craft Shop is the best place to go. Well known within Six...
  • Tracey Anthony standing next to one of his original pieces. Photo from Vision Artworks’ Instagram account: @vision_artworks

    Passion and profession: a balancing act

    By Victor Martisius SIX NATIONS – Tracey Anthony, owner of Vision Artwork, is finding out how to balance his passion for visual art with his custom T-shirt shop located on the corner of First Line and Highway Six. There’s much to be said about an artists drive to create...
  • Amber Midthunder

    Amber Midthunder’s blossoming career with Marvel Studios

    If you grew up in the late ’50s, you might have stumbled across Walt Disney’s “Little Minnehaha” and “Little Hiawatha,” in comic book form. At that point in time it wouldn’t have been expected for adequate representation of indigenous people to be seen in comics; however, this year Marvel...
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    In-Depth: RUMBLE, The Indians Who Rocked the World

    In the February 1 edition of the TRT there was an article printed about Rumble: the Indians Who Rocked the World. Rumble is the documentary that won the World Cinema Documentary Special Jury Award for Masterful Storytelling at the Sundance Film Festival. The film circulates around indigenous artists that...
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    Helping the evidence fly

    BRANTFORD – Music lovers gathered to listen to music full of indigenous influence at the Woodland Cultural Centre on Saturday, February 4, to hear songs from Gail Obediah’s Let the Eagle Fly album. Obediah posted to Facebook one day before the release of her album to let listeners know...
  • Jace Martin

    Jace Martin cascades into the U.S. Top 40

    Ranked with artists such as Alessia Cara and Maroon 5, Six Nations Singer and Songwriter Jace Martin has earned the No. 35 spot on the Billboard Top 40 Radio Hit List with his 2015 hit “Free to Fly”. “Free to Fly” received huge response as fans showed their support...
  • Rumble

    Indigenous documentary ‘Rumbles’ at Sundance Film Festival

    Fearing racist backlash as an artist was common in the past and many indigenous artists hid or down-played their ancestry. So, diving into a different era of being native: Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World is the documentary that allowed Montreal-based Filmmakers Catherine Bainbridge and Alfonso Maiorana to...
  • Snow carving in the Byward Market 12 feet tall. 2015

    Ice carver to compete at international level

    If you want to hear some good stories, ask Ryan Hill about carving. The good-humoured carver started his career by learning how to carve soap stone at the Red Barn craft camp on Six Nations. He went on to sell his first piece when he was just 15 years...
  • Co-ordinator Lorrie Gallant gave an introduction to the Mohawk Institute, as well as glimpses into it's dark and twisted past. Photo by Chezney Martin.

    Survivors of the “Mush Hole” speak

    BRANTFORD – Visitors wishing to learn more about the impact of the residential school system gathered at the Woodland Cultural Centre for another Survivor Series with two Mohawk Institute survivors. Event Co-ordinator Lorrie Gallant explained during the event on Monday, January 16, that this is a very special sequence...
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    Jadyn Bomberry: inspiring those around her

      SIX NATIONS – Strung reverently around her room on Six Nations hangs this long-time athletes medals of accomplishments. From lacrosse provincial medals, to medals for volleyball and gymnastics, Jadyn Bomberry has nearly done it all. But, it was lacrosse that was the sport that she connected with the...
  • network

    Native American network comes to two New Mexico markets

    ALBUQUERQUE – A California-based television network dedicated to Native Americans has arrived in the Albuquerque area, New Mexico PBS announced this week. New Mexico PBS said U.S. First Nations Experience now is live on KNME-TV, HD Channel 5.3, in the Albuquerque market, and features programs focusing on Native American...
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