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  • ImagineNATIVE set to begin

    ImagineNATIVE set to begin0

    TORONTO — The anticipated 19th Annual ImagineNATIVE Film and Media Arts Festival will run until Sunday of this week at 401 Richmond St. West, with the entire Richmond Building hosting the Art Crawl. This years festival will present 153 individual media works including 10 dramatic feature length films which is the most in ImagineNATIVE history.

  • Bringing stone to life, with Solomon King

    Bringing stone to life, with Solomon King0

    Sculptor, Mason and Stone Artisan Solomon King was commissioned to create the turtle sculpture that will be placed at the centre of the indigenous healing garden outside of Toronto City Hall. The turtle represents the land and clans of many bloodlines of indigenous people. Used for the basis of the sculpture, the depicted turtle climbing

  • Skoden Banksy: Part One

    Skoden Banksy: Part One0

    After a mysterious artist painted a “Skoden” mural under the Newport Bridge just outside of Brantford, question came up as to who the artist was. On Wednesday, October 3, an email was sent to the Two Row Times with excerpts from a reflective journal written by the “Skoden Banksy” after their arrest for painting the

  • Two spirit/Indigiqueer author Joshua Whitehead makes waves with ‘Jonny Appleseed’

    Two spirit/Indigiqueer author Joshua Whitehead makes waves with ‘Jonny Appleseed’0

    TORONTO — Calgary author Joshua Whitehead says he thinks Canadian/Indigenous literature is in the midst of a major shift as his novel “Jonny Appleseed” makes waves on the book-awards circuit. On Wednesday, “Jonny Appleseed” (Arsenal Pulp Press) was named a finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Award for fiction, after making the long list for

  • Monument unveiled during IRSS Celebration

    Monument unveiled during IRSS Celebration0

    A beautiful turtle sculpture created by an Anishnaabe artist has been permanently placed in Nathan Phillips Square as part of commemorating residential school survivors. TORONTO — The Indian Residential School Survivors Legacy Celebration has commenced within the streets of Toronto, Solomon King, an artist of Anishnaabe descent, crafted the monument under the Council Fire’s direction

  • The untold history of cannabis

    The untold history of cannabis0

    Diving into the history of this prohibited substance, there seems to be a lot of grey area on the subject of marijuana and its history. However, this plant has made impressions on cultures and in mythologies across the globe. The plant is referenced in medicine, ceremony, spirituality and recreation. One of the oldest references of