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  • Is Anime for you?

    Is Anime for you?0

    A ton of 90’s babies can recall shows such as Sailor Moon, Card captors, Transformers, InuYasha, Dragon Ball and many more. But what they might not recall is that they were having their first tastes of anime. The word “anime” is the shortened version of the Japanese word animēshon which means just as it sounds;

  • Indigenous filmmaking set to rise in Canada in 2018 and beyond

    Indigenous filmmaking set to rise in Canada in 2018 and beyond0

    TORONTO – Indigenous filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin never thought she would see this in her lifetime. Fifty years after starting her distinguished career amid major funding roadblocks, the Quebec-raised 85-year-old is elated to see Indigenous filmmaking finally at an “exciting” place heading into 2018, with new initiatives including an Indigenous Screen Office in Canada. “Any Indigenous

  • YouTuber under fire for “suicide clickbait”

    YouTuber under fire for “suicide clickbait”0

    The content of one of YouTuber Logan Paul’s first vlogs of 2018 has received a lot of concern and backlash on social media — people are claiming and hoping for the end of his career on YouTube. His video centred around the Aokigahara, the Sea of Trees, or “Suicide Forest” in Japan, at the base

  • Answering unasked questions about slavery

    Answering unasked questions about slavery0

    Indigenous people aren’t often the first to come to mind when talking about slavery. For a long period of time Western society has more or less pinned Native American nations and tribes as people that lost their land through colonization, and today try to pick fights and protests. To top it off, when thinking about

  • Anishnaabe Youth to Speak at United Nations

    Anishnaabe Youth to Speak at United Nations1

    “I am from this land. My ancestors are buried here on this land. This land is our land and it’s part of me and part of everything I am and everything I do,” – Autumn Peltier, CBC News. More than 140 Indigenous nations still do not have access to safe drinking water. Communities like Kitigan

  • Top 10 movies to binge watch this Christmas

    Top 10 movies to binge watch this Christmas0

    During the holidays many of us like to curl up with a hot mug full of cocoa, nibble on chocolates and enjoy reminiscing while watching old Christmas movies. So if you’re one of many, check out this top ten list to see if you might have forgotten an old title you’d like to revisit before

Two Row Times

Two Row Times