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  • Craft Bazaar Season hits Six Nations

    Craft Bazaar Season hits Six Nations0

    SIX NATIONS — On Saturday, November 3, signs promising Christmas crafts and handmade gifts lined the streets of Ohsweken and Brantford as three annual bazaars offered a collection of vendor wares and gift ideas to visitors. The Woodland Cultural Centre hosted their 21st Annual Christmas Craft Fair, J.C. Hill Elementary School hosted their Arts and

  • Coffee House and Open Mic at Woodland

    Coffee House and Open Mic at Woodland0

    BRANTFORD — The importance of live performance has had it’s role in spreading musical talent for thousands of years, and although the advent of technology has allowed for music to be accessible at the tips of our fingers, it hasn’t changed the experience of raw emotion and connection that live music brings. The Coffee House

  • Navajo Comic Books on the rise

    Navajo Comic Books on the rise0

    Two prominent Navajo artists have each released comics that utilize their traditional stories as inspiration one after the other. In 2017, Dale Deforest revealed his comic “The Hero Twins,” which he described as being “plucked from the Diné Creation Story, “The Hero Twins” follows two warriors of the same name throughout their journey to rid

  • If you’re thinking of doing blackface for Halloween, just don’t

    If you’re thinking of doing blackface for Halloween, just don’t0

    Author: Philip S. S. Howard, Assistant Professor of Education, McGill University Once again, another racist incident about blackface has made headlines. This time it surrounds NBC host Megyn Kelly, who apologized both on air and in a memo to colleagues after her on-air comments defending racist Halloween costumes. During a round-table discussion about costumes on

  • PBS docuseries ‘Native America’ recreates cultures pre 1492

    PBS docuseries ‘Native America’ recreates cultures pre 14920

    ALBUQUERQUE —The story of Native America taught in U.S. public schools usually begins at contact with European explorers. Children then get lessons about Thanksgiving, maybe the Trail of Tears or the 19th century wars over the removal of tribes in the American West. Rarely discussed is life in the Americas before Columbus’ 1492 voyage. A

  • Skoden Banksy: Part Two

    Skoden Banksy: Part Two0

    After a mysterious artist painted a “Skoden” mural under the Newport Bridge just outside of Brantford, question came up as to who the artist was. On Wednesday, October 3, an email was sent to the Two Row Times with excerpts from a reflective journal written by the “Skoden Banksy” after their arrest for painting the