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  • Lost Civilizations: a two-part series

    Lost Civilizations: a two-part series0

    Architectural buildings found within North and South America have been a part of the television show Ancient Aliens, due to researchers believing the structures are too well constructed and advanced to have been built by the societies surrounding them. This is a great time to ask how old Homo sapiens are, as it is a

  • “What they gave us” to be at AGO

    “What they gave us” to be at AGO0

    Inuit artist duo to showcase their art work at the Art Gallery of Ontario. TORONTO — In accordance with Indigenous History Month in Toronto, the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) will be showcasing the work of Inuit artists Kenojuak Ashevak and her nephew Timotee (Tim) Pitsiulak from June 16 to August 12, with the public

  • ‘Yellowstone’ boasts Costner, strong Native American co star

    ‘Yellowstone’ boasts Costner, strong Native American co star0

    LOS ANGELES — “Yellowstone” has everything a worthwhile Western should, including breathtaking vistas, battles over land and Kevin Costner in the lead role. There’s also something rare in the contemporary Paramount Network series debuting Wednesday: prominent Native American story lines and parts, including one filled by an actor formidable enough to stand up to Costner