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  • The untold history of cannabis

    The untold history of cannabis0

    Diving into the history of this prohibited substance, there seems to be a lot of grey area on the subject of marijuana and its history. However, this plant has made impressions on cultures and in mythologies across the globe. The plant is referenced in medicine, ceremony, spirituality and recreation. One of the oldest references of

  • Cherokee Filmmaker wins best feature narrative

    Cherokee Filmmaker wins best feature narrative0

    Randy Redroad, the director behind the award winning film The Doe Boy, earned the 2018 award for best feature narrative at the annual Frame4Frame Film Festival this year for his film Edge of the World. The film explores the personal journeys of a group of at-risk youth that are taught the power of perseverance by

  • A haunting we will go

    A haunting we will go0

    As the month of October steadily approaches and the plethora of Halloween decorations pile up in department stores across the country, this article has been compiled to offer seasonal options for those that want to enjoy the fun from the comfort of their homes and those that want to get out and touch the festivities.

  • This Wound is a World, a must read

    This Wound is a World, a must read0

    In June of this year, Billy-Ray Belcourt was awarded the 2018 Griffin Poetry Prize for his work in This Wound is a World as the Canadian winner. Belcourt is of the Driftpile Cree Nation, which rests near Joussard, Alberta and hopes that his actions and writing reach and inspire other indigenous youth to take on

  • Canada says B.C. Indigenous basket making an event of historic significance

    Canada says B.C. Indigenous basket making an event of historic significance0

    VICTORIA — Matilda Borden liked to pour a cup of tea to display her basket making expertise, proving her cups made from material gathered in British Columbia’s forests were watertight, says her granddaughter Brenda Crabtree. Not one drop would leak, recalls Crabtree, who is also a basket-making artist and Aboriginal programs director at Emily Carr

  • Historicity reaches the Woodland Cultural Centre

    Historicity reaches the Woodland Cultural Centre0

    BRANTFORD — The Woodland Cultural Centre [WCC] opened its newest glimpse into history with the Historicity Exhibit by New York based Artist Alan Michelson in the evening of Saturday, September 15. Michelson, an internationally recognized artist, lecturer, curator, writer and Six Nations member, presented the collection of works as part of new and recent new-media