Six Nations youth partakes in New York Fashion Week

Jurnee Perkins is only seven years old but her confidence is out of this world.

Her stage presence has already landed her the title of Little Miss Six Nations, and last week, her strut got her a spot in one of the most prestigious fashion events in the world – New York Fashion Week.

That’s right – Jurnee, who is in the first grade at Central Baptist Academy in Brantford – was invited by a designer to star in his fashion show in the Big Apple and she rocked the fashion world, and the city, with her talent.

She said it was “awesome” to be part of the show.

And although she loves fashion, what really hit Jurnee was the acting bug.

That’s right. She visited Broadway, saw a Lion King play, and that was it. She wants to be an actress and join Broadway.

“It’s so fun,” Jurnee said about her trip to New York.  She said she wasn’t nervous at all.

The highlight of her trip was the Broadway show.

“I did some modelling and I went to Lion King.”

She wore a variety of outfits on the runway, including blazers and dresses, and she also wore her Miss Mini Six Nations sash and crown on the runway and in Times Square.

“People were taking pictures,” the budding little star said.

Jurnee has been drawing fashionable outfits in her journal and has her own interest in fashion, her mom said.

She said her friends are impressed with her runway career.

Jurnee made the trip with her mom and cousin.

The youngster has already modelled in shows in Toronto, so this wasn’t a foreign experience to her.

Jurnee has been modelling in Toronto for about a year.

Through her Toronto connections, she was able to make it to New York Fashion Week.

Her mom said her confidence and walk has caught the eye of designers.

“Even in her fashion shows in Toronto, depending on the design, she changes her walk based on what she’s wearing. It’s just her confidence, she’s not afraid to do anything.I’m not like that. I’m not like that. We’re totally opposite. I’m the shy one but not her.”

Jurnee, who is Mohawk, Turtle Clan, wants to get into dancing next.


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