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    Times Up! Money for Nothing Ends for NYS from the Senecas

    As the sun set on 2016, the world trembled in anticipation of what the Trump era of U.S. national politics would bring. Meanwhile at the New York State level, Governor Andrew Cuomo seems to be riding a surge in popularity in spite of on-going corruption allegations and a lack...
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    Sympathizing with indigenous addiction

    Many indigenous people attribute substance abuse directly to the child welfare experience, CAS system and the aftermath of Residential Schools. Those that don’t, tend to have parents that were directly affected by one or more of the above factors, and passed the trauma and addiction to their children. Now,...
  • Liam Neeson plays Nels, a vigilant who avenges the death of his young son at the hands of drug-lord The Viking. Hard Powder publicity photo

    Canada doesn’t like the older conception of Indigenous justice depicted by Hollywood

    Just weeks before filming was to begin, the Canadian government denied permission for Hollywood to shoot the movie Hard Powder in Rocky Mountain national parks in Banff, ATLA., the Lake Louise town site and ski hill, and the Columbia Icefields. Parks Canada, the federal agency responsible for issuing permits,...
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    The remarkable life and times of Deskaheh

    SIX NATIONS – In 1917, Levi General became hereditary chief of the Cayuga with the title “Deskaheh”, meaning “more than eleven”. He worked as a lumberjack, and a farmer. George P. Decker was a New York lawyer who, at an early age became fascinated with the Iroquois and its laws...
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    Letter to the editor: Changes being made at the Brantford General Hospital

    By Jim Hornell I would like to dispel some of the rumours and misconceptions we have been hearing in the community regarding some of the changes being made at the Brantford General Hospital (BGH). This misinformation includes: that our Fracture Clinic is closing, that cancer treatments have been cut...
  • The Great Condolence Ceremony was held in 2012 at the headwaters of the Mississippi that starts in this lake, where Elder Renee Thomas wiped the tears from a wampum string from the Ohswekenron:nen. Submitted photos

    Signs of the times as told by elders

    By Thohahoken 2012 — yikes! People fear the end of the world. It’s in our minds. Organized religions and governments teach fear of death. Repent or go to hell. Buy insurance—because you never know. Around 25 years ago, New Agers popularly wrote about what they called Mayan Prophesies of...
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    Is there a duty to consult on legislation? SCC may decide

    By Julie Abouchar, Charles Birchall, John J.P. Donihee and Nicole Petersen / Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers LLP This week the SCC received an application to hear an appeal of the Federal Court of Appeal (“FCA”) decision in Canada (Governor General In Council) v Courtoreille (“Courtoreille”). The FCA allowed the appeal from the lower court decision and held...
  • Polarity

    Signs of the times as told by the earth and stars

    By Thohahoken The 2010 documentary by Zach Kunuk titled, Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change catalogues a changing earth that was described by Inuit Elders — the sun rises in a different location, the daylight is longer, and the stars aren’t where they’ve supposed to be. The CBC reported in...
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    Reacting to the “Sixties Scoop” case

    By Doug George-Kanentiio On February 14 Ontario Superior Court Justice Edward Belobaba made a historic ruling by holding Canada responsible for the pain and suffering endured by more than 16,000 native children taken from their communities and placed in foster homes across the province and into the U.S. The...
  • From left to right, Playwright, Drew Taylor, Marsha Knight (Evie), Gary Farmer (Cecil), Julia Porter (Manuela), Director, Thom Currie. Submitted photo

    Story time

    By Gary Farmer It’s been a few months in between my time at Standing Rock and this evolving story. So much has changed since the celebration on December 5. A full environmental study would have ceased the work for at least two years, financing would be in question and...
  • This photograph by Reuter’s Yanni Behrakis shows social chaos in our changing world. Submitted photo

    Signs of Kakaratsikowa told by the Old Ones and women today

    By Thohahoken Here’s what one Ohsweken woman said when talking about this week’s weather: “our mother (earth) is going to go through some major changes and so will we”. There are stories about what happens when the world changes. Stories include fireballs, angels, and great monsters devouring humankind. Movies...
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    Long-Term Consequences

    By Grace Li Xiu Woo This is the final chapter in an article written by that originally appeared in the electronic law journal Law, Social Justice & Global Development in April 2003. It is a resume of research conducted for a Masters in International Law at the University of Quebec in...
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