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  • Feed a little bit

    Feed a little bit0

    These back and forth, up and down temperatures definitely seem to be getting the best out of all of us lately. It’s almost like its left us in a dizzy confusion, on whether to go one way or another, and whether or not it’s the right time or the wrong time. In addition, it would

  • How racial bias likely impacted the Stanley verdict

    How racial bias likely impacted the Stanley verdict0

    By David M Tanovich, Professor of Law University of Windsor The acquittal of Gerald Stanley was shocking. There’s no dispute that Stanley shot Colten Boushie, a 22-year-old Cree man from Red Pheasant First Nation, in the head at close range. By any reasonable account it was a wrongful killing that was either intentionally or negligently

  • The Maple: Chief of all Trees

    The Maple: Chief of all Trees0

    When the Creator-Sonkweiiateson in Mohawk-planted the trees of the world a decision was made to make Wahta-the Maple-the chief of all trees. Not only did the maple carry the words of humans to his relatives but to that species was given another task.  In this part of the world the winter months may be long

  • Today I killed a sapling

    Today I killed a sapling0

    Who can deny how powerful Spring is? It’s the act of coming alive in a single pirouette of breath and energy. The beginning is the single most powerful event of all things “being”. It is mighty…but produces us in our most delicate and vulnerable state. The beginning of life…the beginning of change…the beginning of an end… Whatever

  • Nature Connections

    Nature Connections0

    Many years ago, every morning, my grandfather would walk the grounds of our family property on Six Nations. Papa was the caretaker of the land that housed our ancestors for generations, and remains in the loving hands of my family today. One day during his walk, he heard a meek chirping coming from the blowing,

  • The Original People will Never Stop Fighting for the Land

    The Original People will Never Stop Fighting for the Land0

    Since the coming of the settler colonizers, the original people have been at odds trying to express their relationship to the land. For the colonizer, there were rules for owning property that they brought from their European homelands. Rules that included the divine right of kings and the hierarchy where only nobility could have land

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