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  • No response from HCCC

    No response from HCCC0

    Last month men claiming to represent the interests of the people of Six Nations along with ex-HDI lawyer, now possibly reinstated HDI lawyer Aaron Detlor shut down the construction of the Six Nations Grand River Development Corporation’s Niagara Reinforcement Project. The reason? They say that Hydro One needed to make the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council

  • How old languages hold new keys to wisdom

    How old languages hold new keys to wisdom0

    After listening to a contingency of men speak about the Old Great Law of Peace that was practiced before the Handsome Lake Religion was adopted it became apparent that understanding our own language is necessary to relearning our culture. The elders of Six Nations have said in the past that there is no single individual

  • How the Jesuits put men in charge of America

    How the Jesuits put men in charge of America0

    The first step towards decolonization for Indigenous people is to rediscover what things were like for us prior to 1491. Believe it or not, we had really good things going on here for many millennia – we were stewards of an entire continent rich with abundant super-foods and  interconnected societies that needed no hierarchy or

  • Is Justin Trudeau sinister or fake?

    Is Justin Trudeau sinister or fake?1

    It is only two weeks into 2019 and there is renewed vigour to Canada’s attacks on indigenous people. First, land defenders in BC supporting and insisting on consultation with hereditary leaders of the Wet’suwet’en were assaulted, arrested and forcibly removed from their own lands. In a disgusting twist of irony, someone on Twitter pointed out

  • Fear and rhetoric kick off elections at Six Nations

    Fear and rhetoric kick off elections at Six Nations0

    As we head into 2019, we head into an election year — and unfortunately Six Nations is not immune to the onslaught of dirty politics. This week, an American news blog run out of Buffalo turned out a post, framing the race of one of Six Nations elected band councillors who is considering running for

  • Let 2019 be the year of unity and inclusion for Six Nations

    Let 2019 be the year of unity and inclusion for Six Nations0

    The people of Six Nations are diverse. I like to think of this as the “such others” written about in the “Mohawks and such others” clause written about in the Haldimand Deed. Some of us ‘such others’ are mixed race indigenous men and women. Some of us are non-binary, queer, femme, homosexual or transgender. Some