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  • Don’t you dare edit our voices

    Don’t you dare edit our voices0

    An opinion piece from me almost always begins with me ranting or offering my two cents on an issue. I don’t know if that’s a reflection on me or the things that make we want to write with passion — but I like to think it’s just me exercising my voice. I mean, I guess

  • Print still has value

    Print still has value0

    Some students today are viewing themselves as ‘digital natives’ because they are the first generation to grow up with smart phones, tablets and high-speed Internet. The Academic Journalism Society has been researching the ways humans comprehend information read from paper and from screens and it turns out our minds absorb info from the printed page

  • EDITORIAL: Pocahontas is a lie

    EDITORIAL: Pocahontas is a lie0

    Donald Trump is totally unable to grasp why Pocahontas is a racist term and probably even believes he is “honouring” U.S. Senator Elizabeth who responded calling Trump’s remark a “racial slur.” This editorial isn’t for Trump — he is beyond help. This is for the rest of you who maybe don’t get it, but are

  • Drones a new frontier in search for missing persons

    Drones a new frontier in search for missing persons0

    Earlier this year a Niagara area man took the search for his missing daughter to a new level by bringing some drones along. John Simpson’s daughter, Ashley, has been missing since April 2016 from Salmon Arm BC. Sadly, he is not the only father looking for his child in this area. Five women in total

  • Weed and the Haudenosaunee: What do we do?

    Weed and the Haudenosaunee: What do we do?0

    Ontario residents will soon be sparking up legally. This week the province announced the locations of its first legal cannabis retail stores — one is set to open doors in Hamilton next July. What does that mean for Six Nations? The colonial definition of cannabis as a drug began in 1908 with the “Opium Act”.

  • Opinion: Trauma porn hard to control in an age of smartphones

    Opinion: Trauma porn hard to control in an age of smartphones0

    In December of 2009 a serious car accident shut down Chiefswood Road for an entire day. A young woman got behind the wheel of her SUV heavily intoxicated and angry. A short time later the driver lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a tree going way too fast. The driver and front passenger

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Two Row Times