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  • Don’t let Orange Shirts cover up the truth of residential school

    Don’t let Orange Shirts cover up the truth of residential school0

    Recently a Kahonwe that I know shared a story online. Said scone brought their child to school off the Rez and was talking to their child’s teacher about Orange Shirt Day recognizing the memory of residential school survivors. Parent told teacher, “yeah, my father went to residential school.” Teacher replied to the parent saying, “oh

  • The new wave of colonization

    The new wave of colonization0

    Colonization may have started with blankets and guns but it is still an on-going effort by modern day colonizers such as Ford to strip Indigenous peoples of our identity and thereby strip us of our traditional territories. Modern day colonialism has become a psychological attack against our people and the war is waging everyday inside

  • It isn’t 1940

    It isn’t 19400

    If the term “settler” makes you uncomfortable, being referred to as “the natives” is likewise. During production day I am seated at the back of the room with my desk against the wall. I have a photo frame, a decorative coffee mug and an old calendar for 2017 placed neatly on the rim. There are

  • Asbestos


    I mostly went to #8 School growing up in the 1980s on Six Nations but one year my parents sent me to the portables at #3 school and it was pretty good there until it was shut down. In ancient times before the mega schools were built we had numbered schools from 1-12 sprinkled throughout

  • If you’re a racist don’t read this

    If you’re a racist don’t read this0

    The last year or so have been a little insane when it comes to overt racism in North America being bold enough to rear it’s ugly, shrivelled head don’t you think? In the last week – two overtly racist white people have announced candidacy for the largest city centres in Southern Ontario. Two white women

  • Styres verdict no puzzle

    Styres verdict no puzzle0

    Dear Mr. Whitlow, I Read your column but was puzzled by one thing, which you failed to mention. (This was a journalistic failure.) It was found as a fact that the accused Khill did not know at the time he fired his gun that the person trying to steal his car was an Indigenous person.