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  • Addiction – a disease of the free will

    Addiction – a disease of the free will0

    TORONTO — Recent extensive research models have shown that most addictions begin at relatively early ages, between the ages of 18-25, but this isn’t the most revolutionary finding  on addiction in America, and by extension, Canada. Several addicted men and women participated in the CNN study, including Mexican born, Dr. Nora Volkow who is one

  • Tom’s personal quest

    Tom’s personal quest0

    BRANTFORD — On November 13, Canadian rock musician and author Tom Wilson was the latest guest lecturer at Laurier Brantford in part of the 2018-2019 lecture series for the Friends and Neighbours group. The grassroots committee is seeking to promote community dialogue about residential schools in Canada and to help raise awareness for the Save

  • Six Nations authors offer tears and laughs during book launch

    Six Nations authors offer tears and laughs during book launch0

    BRANTFORD — Sara General and Elizabeth Doxtator opened a joint book launch at the Woodland Cultural Centre on Friday, November 16, to reveal their two additions to the library of indigenous novels. General thrives as a writer, an artist and a language learner and her novel Pride and Rezjudice is an adaptation of the classic