Backyard fun

Whether you’re looking to relax on the weekend or make a fun play area for your kids, there’s no retreat you can find quicker than your own backyard. So why not consider these ideas to take your backyard game up a few notches this summer.

Giant suggests turning your favourite games like Jenga into sizes more appropriate for your backyard. This is an easy DIY project that will have you and your friends hanging outside the whole afternoon. The kids will love this one too.

Sketch your surroundings: Are there birds making a nest in your yard? Do you have rabbits popping in and out of your garden all day? Grab your sketchbook and pencils and sketch what you’ve got going on right in front of you. You’ll be surprised just how much life is around.

Piñata: Usually saved for birthdays and dances, but is there anyone out there who wouldn’t mind being awarded candy and presents for taking out their daily frustrations on a giant paper mache unicorn? You don’t have to wait for a birthday to hit a piñata.

Bug hunt: Make up a list of bugs that you’ve seen in the backyard and send yourself or your kids off with a net and pencil to check the bugs off the list. Just make sure they set the bugs free after or you might have a house filled with unwelcome visitors.

Have a picnic: With the super hot weather we’ve been having in southern Ontario lately, a picnic in the backyard with the sprinkler running and hopefully a breeze might be the perfect thing. Put out a picnic blanket, fill up a basket with tiny sandwiches and other treats and head outside with some sunscreen and sunglasses for a quick meal. Just keep an eye out for ticks.

Croquet: Croquet can be great on a hot day as it’s so slow-paced that you have ample time to carry a few cold drinks with you around the lawn. Croquet is a game played on a lawn in which coloured wooden balls are driven through a series of wickets by means of mallets.

Outdoor movie theatre: Creating an outdoor movie theatre doesn’t have to be hard work or expensive. Projectors can be ordered for a reasonable price online and even just a white sheet tacked along the side of your house or garage gets the job done. Make sure to pop a lot of popcorn and you’re set.

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