Six Nations shines bright after sold out drag bingo event

Drag performers Crystal Quartz and Xtina Monroe took over the Gathering Place by the Grand last Thursday to host what may be the first 19+ bingo and drag show on the territory. The show sold out days before the date and Crystal Quartz can’t wait to perform there again.

“Drag is important for a variety of reasons,” said Crystal Quartz, based in Guelph, Ont. “It’s self-expression to the max and brings so much fun, love and smiles out of those watching. People see drag performers on stage feeling so good and free to be themselves. With drag comes empowerment and a confidence that rubs off on people.”

Crystal Quartz said it is important that there are safe spaces for people to be themselves.

“I want to come back and perform again on Six Nations because I want to be a part of creating safe spaces for people to feel OK to be themselves and express themselves however they want to, especially if there aren’t a lot of these opportunities on Six Nations. Have fun and be yourself,” she said.

A drag show of Crystal Quartz almost always includes a celebrity impersonation. This is Crystal Quartz doing the fan favourite Reba McEntire. Photo: Crystal Quartz Events

Crystal Quartz hosted the event and performed two numbers herself, along with performances from the theatrical showgirl, Xtina Monroe. Crystal Quartz describes herself as a “tattooed glamazon,” celebrity impersonator and character illusionist. Crystal Quartz’ favourite celebrity impersonation is Cher, partly because the outfits are more elaborate, but her fans tend to love her Reba, whom she brought out for the June 30th show.

“I do a lot of character work. Whether Reba, Moira Rose, or Madonna, I always do some sort of character in a performance. I also do Captain Hook, Nurse Ratched; I’m a showgirl with big loud outfits, covered in diamonds and gems. I like to sparkle. I was a Reiki master before and am a very spiritual person. People used to say to me ‘you’re such a gem,’ so I literally became a gem with my drag persona,” she said.

Crystal Quartz said a lot of people get excited about her outfits at her shows, contributing to the overall fun.

“A lot of people probably haven’t seen an outfit or outfits quite like mine in person. The way the stage lights hit what I have on creates an ‘ooh-aah’ sensation in the crowd. The way the hair I’ve got on moves the way it does when I’m on stage too is all a part of the Crystal Quartz package,” she said.

The biggest difference between hosting a bingo show and a regular performance of Crystal Quartz’ is really just the addition of bingo.

“We play a few rounds of bingo and as soon as it’s done we have an entertainer come out, perform, then back to bingo. The bingo and performances were separated by prizes. Prizes were sponsored by the Stag Shop and there were definitely some phallic-shaped items awarded, including a whip and some other things. All-in-all I had a great time and would love to come back,” she said.

Be sure to slide into Crystal Quartz’ TikTok DMs @crystalquartzqueen and reach out to her at If you have already dipped into the art of drag and are looking for more connections within the community, Crystal Quartz said feel free to reach out.

“I would love to hear from you and get to know anyone from Six Nations and surrounding areas interested in giving their heels a click,” said Crystal Quartz.

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