Boston Bruins celebrate Stan Jonathan among others with Centennial Era Night

In September of this year, the Boston Bruins officially unveiled a ‘Historic 100’ players list, and among the names was Stan Jonathan.

The centennial season celebration for the Bruins was officially underway, and when it came to the Bruins turning 100, the creation of the ‘Historic 100’ to name the 100 most legendary players in the history of the franchise took precedence.

Still, last Saturday, the Bruins held night three of their Centennial Era celebration, honoring the ‘Lunch Pail AC’ prior to their matchup with the New York Rangers. Many of the honoured players started the evening in the penalty box.

Boston’s ‘Lunch Pail Athletic Club’ was known for being tough, hard workers, and for spending a lot of minutes in the penalty box. Four of the eight Bruins honoured are among Boston’s top five career penalty minute earners.

Jonathan, in particular, known for his tenacity, had an offensive pop to go with his fists, and finished his B’s career with 91 goals and 198 points in 392 games with the club. Fun fact: his 19.4 shooting percentage with the Bruins is actually the third-best in franchise history among players with at least 400 shots on goal. His career began in 1975 and ended in 1983, but his impact left a mark on the Bruins.

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