Letter to the Editor, RE: Father’s Day Golf Event 2021

On Friday, June 25,  38 golfers participated in 1st Annual Father’s Day Golf tournament at Monthill Golf & Country Club. They Are Coming Home, Carmen Thomas and Ganohkwasra Family Assault Support Services Men’s Program managed to put this event together in 4 weeks raising a total of $3,600 to go towards Men’s Program activities. Ganohkwasra staff stated funds will be used to further support men on their healing journey (special guest/speaker, training, workshops etc).

Organizers of the event wanted to see fathers come out with their children to play and enjoy a round of golf while supporting men’s wellness program. Based on player’s feedback we may look at coordinating a Family Golf Scramble event sometime during Community Awareness Week, says Thomas.

We would like to thank all our financial supporters of the event including:

BYogi Corp, Prize Sponsor, Grand River Employment And Training, Glenn Styres, Alison R. Macdonald, B.A., J.D., G.D.B.A. & Lawyer & Notary Public, Six Nations Internet, Kool Kidz Ice & Water, Enohai Hodageh, Village Café, Cayuga Convenience Skylite Gas Bar, Iroquois Lacrosse Program, Heartsight Psychotherapy, Backwoodz Wings, Tim Hortons, Joseph Tice, Golf Depot, Monthill Golf & Country Club.

As well, we’d like to thank Ganohkwasra staff and the following volunteers: Lana Bomberry, Lisa Green, Kevin Sandy & Karen Bomberry who all helped make the day a smooth transition.

Once again Nya:węh / Nia:wen / Nya:węnha for all your support as we begin planning for Father’s Day Golf Classic in 2022!

Most Honest Team – Paul Isaac & Brad Bomberry; Low Father-Tyke Team – Kevin & Mint Sandy; Low Father-Jr Team – Mike Davey & Houston Jamieson; Low Uncle-Nephew Team – Glenn Styres & Kahnner Johnson.

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