Two Rows of History

As June 6th marked the commemoration of D-Day, let us look at the cause for the liberation of Europe and France in particular.

Firstly, France was invaded and occupied by “Nazi” Germany. The Civilian “government” of France was overthrown and a collaborative regime was established at Vichy France.

Vichy was a vacation and spa town that provided opulent services. The newly established collaborator regime at Vichy became host to the German military and tool doubling as official French government and resort site for the hierarchy of the German Army and diplomats. From this collaborator regime the German diplomat controlled the collaborator regime.

Opulence became a hallmark of the Vichy regime as the general population of France suffered under the occupation. Here lies the Two Rows of history, one portraying wealth and harmony between the occupation regime and the German occupiers. This peaceful occupation was anything but peaceful for the vast majority of French people.

I draw attention to the advocates of Two Row principles in the Dominion of Canada, as to our present circumstance in “Indian Country”. Indian/Settler relations have been studied, Truth and Reconciliation, Sixties Scoop, Missing and Murdered Women and girls, Highest rate of incarceration, lowest financial services to Indians children etc.

The Indian Acts provide for the establishment of a council of the Band and Band Lists (…one who’ name appears of a band list or is eligible to be on the list..). The Vichy-like regime of Indian Acts of the Parliament of Dominion of Canada are fictions in “law” as was the German control of France. Resistance to the collaborator regime is the history and legacy of the Onkwayhoway of the Grand River.


Larry Green

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