Experience the best teacher at Pita Palace

SIX NATIONS – What better way of teaching basic business and life skills to your kids than by opening a restaurant and train them on the job? As far as Melissa Montour is concerned — there is none.

Last summer, MP’s Ice Cream Shop opened at 722 Chiefswood Road and was run by Melissa and her 15-year-old daughter, Mikayla Ritchie, and Mikayla’s cousin Peyton Monture-Hill.

With lessons learned last summer, this year they added a new sit-in restaurant called the Pita Palace, serving up wholesome lunch and supper choices like pitas, burritos, subs and quesadillas. Of course the same high quality ice cream, milkshakes, banana splits and sundaes will also be served along with hot dogs and sausage on a bun.

MP’s and Pita Palace are located in a brand new, clean and friendly space with a big screen TV and comfortable chairs. They are cooking on the latest in restaurant equipment and use only fresh ingredients for everything on the menu.

Melissa seems to have a gift for picking up these sorts of skills just by being observant. It is with this innate sense of business and customer service, that she is indoctrinating her kids in the responsibilities of running a business, and even cooking up the menu.

“I watch how she does it and try to follow that,” says Mikayla during a break between customers on opening day, Monday.

“We offer healthy eating choices here,” says Melissa. “That’s something you don’t find much here.”

Mikayla and Peyton’s grand parents, Bill Monture and his wife Iris Monture couldn’t be more proud of the initiative their grand kids are showing.

“Really, Melissa is a very good leader and is bringing her kids up knowing the responsibility of running a business,” says grand mom Iris.

MP’s and the Pita Palace hours are 11 a.m. until 10 p.m., seven days a week.

Their official Grand Opening is slated for later this spring or early summer, but they are already open for business and invite the public to come and eat healthy, then maybe cheat with a little ice cream. Why not!

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