TiffanyTaylre: Make-up & Women’s Empowerment

SIX NATIONS – Making women feel beautiful. That’s the theme of TiffanyTaylre — a hair and makeup service company that has been on Six Nations for the last two years.

Twenty-six-year-old Tiffany Thomas owns the business and offers an array of services.

“I offer styling to women who want hair and makeup done at a reasonable price,” said Tiffany. “It’s freelance so I go to them or they can come to me. It’s a nice, portable service in that way. A lot of times I go to a customer’s home, who wouldn’t feel awesome to have someone come to your house to do your makeup.”

Tiffany has done makeup and hair for anniversaries, weddings, proms and other special events.

“I provide [nearly] everything,” said Tiffany. “Make-up, false lashes, hairspray, irons, bobby-pins. The only thing I don’t provide for a customer is specialty hairpieces like extensions and rhinestone pieces. I can put them in if a customer has them though.” Tiffany picked the name TiffanyTaylre for her business because it’s simple and recognizable. She likes that the name lets a customer know she is the face behind the company and she will be doing all the work.

“I picked the name because it’s simple and recognizable. My usernames for Instagram and Snapchat are TiffanyTaylre too so it’s an easy transition, Taylor is my middle name but Taylre looks better”.

“I’m the company’s only employee, I’m my own boss, just here though [laughs]. I like to ensure that everybody gets the same quality of work that they deserve. I don’t want to hire anybody else because it’s me that the customer is expecting and I want to do a good job.”

Tiffany naturally excels at make-up and hair styling; yet her training from Humber College furthers her credibility. While completing the college’s “Business of Fashion” Program, a make-up class was part of the course requirements. She liked what she learned from the college and wanted to expand her services.

“I took the course and really liked it, then I just started practicing a whole lot more. Years of experience and that course is what has taken me this far. It’s my kind of art, I’ve always been creative. Plus I get to make women feel good about themselves.” Tiffany said that empowering women is the driving force behind her business.

“It’s all about empowering women in my community. I like to help people so this is a way for me to visit and and get to know the women within my community, I love where I’m from. One day I hope to be apart of something like Sisters Circle,” said Tiffany. “My mom used to go to those groups all the time, Fempower was another great program”.

TiffanyTaylre boasts reasonable pricing for the amount and quality of its services, but it’s more than just about the money for Tiffany.

“It’s not about the money. I enjoy talking to the people I work with, getting to know them, and the best part is seeing the smile on their face when it’s all nished. It seems people like what I do so because they keep coming back. Word of mouth helps a lot for getting new clients. within Six Nations.”

Any business, new or well established, comes with challenges and Tiffany Taylre comes with a share of its own, but Tiffany wouldn’t trade them for anything.

“Balancing my full-time job with all of my clients and appointments can be very challenging,” she said. “My son Titus is turning four years old soon, so I guess that’s my biggest challenge — staying balanced with my son, work and my freelance business. I’m an Aquarius so I’m a scatterbrain, organization is a force I haven’t quite mastered yet,” Tiffany said with a smile.

When visiting Tiffany a customer can expect to feel happy when the job is done.

“Some of them end up overpaying, as in leaving a big tip, some are so happy and they tell their friends and family about it. I think a lot of my clients would say that they know I’m good at what I do. It’s affordable too — that’s what the people want. If you compare prices to nearly all the cities in surrounding areas it’s a lot cheaper and the work quality is the same or better — you decide.”

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