Choosing to Live Healthy and choosing to overcome

SIX NATIONS – Five years after closing up her large-scale gym and downsizing her business, Personal Trainer Corey Garlow is ready to become the go-to-gym for personal training once again.

“I used to have a fairly large gym in the village of Ohsweken,” said Corey, who is from Six Nations and is the owner of Choosing to Live Healthy. “But due to competition and high overhead costs, I made the hard decision five years ago to close up the storefront and downsize. Now I just need to let people know I never left — I’m still here and still open.”

Choosing to Live Healthy is celebrating 20 years of business this year. Corey started the business in 1997 as a spa on Sour Springs Rd. and soon built her own building in the village. She remained in the village as the only gym on the territory for a long time, and stayed there for roughly 15 years.

Today the business is owned, operated and managed by Corey all on her own. And although she admits downsizing was a difficult decision she sees the benefit for her family, herself, and the community.

“I love what I do, I always have,” she said. “It was really hard to downsize. I had to develop a new business plan and almost reinvent my business in a way. Instead of having a receptionist, multiple trainers, and class instructors to manage, now I do it all on my own and clients deal with me directly.”

She said that downsizing has helped her and her family spend more time together.

“Running a large gym meant I didn’t have a lot of time to spend with my husband Shawn or my children Farah (6) and Tristan (9).”

Corey still offers her clients almost all of the same services in her beautifully designed and renovated home gym as she offered in the larger gym. The only difference now is that the experience is much more personal; workouts, spa treatments and personal training can easily be tailored to each and every client’s needs and it’s easily to trust a workout plan when you meet with the owner of the gym herself at least once a week, or, whenever it fits into your schedule.

“People are very busy these days and that’s completely understandable. Let me help you find a plan that you can actually stick with and make work within your day-to-day life.”

Corey offers a wide-range of services and has remained certified and up-to-date with all the latest workout trends and business models throughout the years. She enjoys the one-on-one workouts with her clients and also offers custom group rates for various sized groups.

“I’m not just an educated personal trainer. I’m also certified in various massages, facials, manicure, pedicures, and various therapy treatments,” she said. “Waxing is one of my most asked for services.”

Corey said that her gym is not for women only and a lot of men come to her for training and advice too.

“I love what I do so much.”

Corey said that the next steps she is going to take in furthering her business is going to be reminding the community that she is still here.

“My skills are so useful for the community and surrounding areas. I can come to your home for a workout if that’s something you need, the Health Services department can call me to come teach classes or help with various therapeutic techniques, or if you have a swimming pool I can even come help with water exercises.

“I never left. I’m still here.”

Choosing to Live Healthy can be found at 536 Seneca Road. The business is run by appointment only. Call or text Corey at 519-770-7671.

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