Grieveing families plead for information in triple homicide

Police revealed new information today in the ongoing investigation to the triple homicide at Six Nations and Oneida.

OPP confirmed that one victim, Melissa Miller, was seven months pregnant with a son at the time of her death.
Her brother, Trevor, gave an emotional plea to the public for anyone with information to come forward. “Please, if anyone knows anything…”, said Miller as he broke down in tears. Six Nations Indigenous Victim Services was on hand giving their support to all the victims families.

HCCC Secretary Jock Hill, speaking on behalf of the Jamieson family, asked for anyone with information to come forward. “We all feel the same way. This is not right. By not sharing information that’s not right. We can’t proceed in this manner,” said Hill.

Police say the 2006 Chevy Silverado that was involved in the discovery of the bodies was stolen. They would not reveal details of where it was stolen from – or confirm if the victims were found in the vehicle. OPP say they are holding back that information to not compromise their investigation.

Six Nations Elected Councillor Sherri-Lyn Hill Pierce addressed the public thanking those present for respecting the families request for privacy as they grieve the loss. Hill Pierce said, “The loss of our community members has been heartbreaking and truly devastating. Our community agencies will continue to provide services to those community members that are working through their grief and confusion.”

Police would not confirm why investigators seem to be rooting the investigation at Six Nations when the bodies were discovered outside Oneida Nation of the Thames. But did say that they are appealing for information at Six because this is the home of the victims.

Police said they would not comment if they have a person in mind or have questioned suspects in the investigation. OPP were asked if there is any connection between the murders of the three victims and the 2017 murder of Douglas Hill, whose body was recovered in a location close to the Bodkin Road discovery this month. OPP Inspector Peter Liptrott said “we are investigating these three murders as a separate incident to that at this time.”

“If there is anyone out there in the community, we implore those people to come forward and provide that information to assist our investigative team in identifying the culprits that are responsible for these murders — so we can proceed with our investigation, identify those people and hold them accountable in the criminal justice system,” said Liptrott.

Six Nations Police Officer Darren Montour said members of the community can expect an increased police presence of both Six Nations officers and OPP in both plain clothes and marked vehicles for the duration of the investigation.

Six Nations Police Officer Darren Montour spoke with press and shared his perspective as an investigating officer how difficult the situation is for the close-knit community of Six Nations. “I’m from here. I grew up here. These are my people, this is my home. When something like this happens it hits hard — everyone and especially the families that have been involved,” said Montour. “I’ve known the Miller family since I was a child and I didn’t know Al and Mike specifically but I know their families. That is what I mean. It’s a close-knit home.”

Montour said he understands the reluctance of people from the community to trust OPP based on historical clashing, and says that was part of the reason officials decided to hold a cooperative press conference on the territory. “We want to build trust with people in the community to come forward.”

“Melissa was pregnant at the time of her death. She was carrying an unborn child, a little boy, of seven months. I know this information will be very upsetting for many, especially Melissa’s family. In our culture as Haudenosaunee people, a baby is the most precious gift you can receive from the Creator. They are the future of our people,” said Montour.

Montour said, “We have to live with pain and heartbreak and as a community try to heal from these events and move forward. Our children deserve a safe and prosperous community to grow up in.”

Officers would not confirm if a road block earlier this week and investigation of a cornfield on River Road/Seventh Line by police is connected to the investigation.

They also would not speak to speculation that there may be a connection to the murder of Douglas Hill in 2017 but OPP Inspector Peter Liptrott said police are investigating all possibilities in the case.

If you have information about the investigation call the OPP tip line 1-844-677-5050 or Six Nations Police at 519-445-2811.

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