Brant MPP Will Bouma talks Mush Hole at Queens Park

TORONTO – MPP Will Bouma used his position in the provincial legislature to bring awareness to the former Mohawk Institute and the upcoming gathering of survivors.

“The dark legacy of residential schools in Canada is one that still haunts us today. It is vitally important that we do not forget what happened in these schools.” Bouma said.

The Woodland Cultural Centre, formerly known as the Mohawk Institute Indian Residential School, was a residential school in Brantford. Like other residential schools, the Mohawk Institute attempted to deprive indigenous children of their cultural heritage.

Bouma went on to say, “To contemplate that just a few decades ago generations of our youth were separated from their parents without consent deeply troubles me and we have to do our best to make this right. This continued until 1970, when the Mohawk Institute closed its doors. In 1972, the Woodland Cultural Centre took its place, with the goals of promoting indigenous arts and culture as well as acting as a concrete reminder of the cruelty that was inflicted on indigenous children in the residential school system.”

The Woodland Cultural Centre will be hosting a gathering for survivors of Residential Schools on September 29 and 30. Survivors will be able to come together and encourage each other on their journey towards healing.

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