Firefighters battle 2 house fires in 1 day

SIX NATIONS — Two house fires had Six Nations Fire and Emergency Services
(SNFES) firefighters battling back to back blazes on Monday afternoon.

A house fire broke out at a Townline home just after noon. Firefighters arrived at the scene and say as they were trying to extinguish the fire the roof collapsed. No one was injured in that fire.

Meanwhile a second house fire was called into SNFES attended that fire on Chiefswood Road just north of 69 Corners.
Two buildings at that location were in flames when firefighters arrived. Backup was called into Six from other local fire services to help exti
nguish that fire.

The daughter of the elderly homeowner told Two Row Times her father had taken live ashes outside and disposed of them in the mud. He then left to go to the bank and when he returned the house was in flames.

Tankers from Onondaga were on the scene as well as firefighters from Brantford, Hagersville, Scotland, Mount Pleasant and Onondaga.

No injuries were reported from either fire but firefighters told CTV a dog was killed in the Townline house fire.

The fires are not considered suspicious and SNFES does not believe they are connected.

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