Health Unit Release: Flood cleanup and food safety

BRANTFORD – Safety remains a priority for residents returning to their homes after the recent flooding.

For homes that have been without power, but haven’t suffered water damage, residents are reminded to take food safety precautions, including:

– Throwing out food in a fridge that’s been without power for more than 4-6 hours and that is at high risk for contamination such as meat, dairy products, and leftovers.

– Throwing out any food that’s been in contact with floodwater, except for food in sealed, airtight metal cans. Food in sealed, airtight metal cans is safe to eat once the can has been properly disinfected.

The Health Unit would also like to remind people that the City of Brantford Drinking Water Treatment Plant was not impacted by the flooding and the quality of the City’s drinking water remains safe.

Homes that have been flooded should be cleaned as soon as possible to protect residents’ health and prevent further damage to their home and belongings.


Detailed information about what flood cleanup steps residents should take, and well as more food safety tips, can be found on the attached fact sheet and on the following websites:




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