K/G Toy Bingo a success

SIX NATIONS — The first to lead the series of toy bingo fundraisers for the holiday season was none other than the Kawenni:io/Gaweniyo Private School (K/G) which held their annual toy bingo at the Gathering Place by the Grand on Saturday, November 3.

For almost two decades Six Nations Bingo has hosted annual toy bingo fundraisers for local elementary schools, whereby participants play for toy and electronic prizes rather than cash prizes during participation.

Last year, K/G earned over $17,000 and this year the school earned a grand total of $19,097.25 which is an increase of 8% and includes a $2500.00 initial donation made by the Six Nations Bingo Hall. The event also included a bake table, toonie table, raffle draws, gift cards, and a jumbo stocking table for visitors.

As the first school to host their toy bingo at the Gathering Place, this made the event a considered success.

“Moving toy bingos to the Gathering Place benefits the whole community. As Six Nations Bingo is able to assist the schools to hit their fundraising goal and continue regular business operations for the day,” said SNGRDC’s Director of Gaming John Heathers. “Six Nations Bingo would like to thank all of the staff, students, and supporters of Kawenni:io Language School for attending the event and making it a huge success,” he said.

As one of two of the seven schools on Six Nations that agreed to host their toy bingos at the Gathering Place, K/G will also benefit from a “Stuff the Bus” supply drive that will take place in 2019.

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