Men’s Fire delivers emergency school supplies

SIX NATIONS – Two incidents at O.M. Smith School at Six Nations last winter revealed a shocking truth.

In case of emergency evacuation from the school, there was no plan in place as to what to do with the kids once they are safely out of the building. What about in the middle of a cold snap where kids were sent outside to stand without coats, some in sock feet, for more than an hour, some said two.

The same situation took place in the middle of a pouring rain. Both incidents were false alarms but it didn’t matter to the kids shivering in the cold.

Complaints were made to the federal government who controls funding for Six Nations schools. After a year, there has been no resolution or meaningful response.

Parent and Home and School member Courtney Martin took the situation into her own hands and began fundraising for a cache of winter mitts and blankets to be distributed to the children should this situation arise again.

“I knew it had to be done so I contacted the Men’s Fire for help to gather and deliver it to the schools,” said Martin. “I just don’t want those kids left outside in the cold again.”

The Men’s Fire helped deliver bags of emergency winter supplied Thursday, Dec. 29 at O.M. Smith school.

A non-native benefactor, who wishes to remain anonymous, heard about the situation and through the Men’s Fire, purchased enough emergency winter clothing supplies for all Six Nations schools.

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